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  1. Yep, makes total sense - appreciate the guidance and points. Feel a lot better having read through info here! Thanks
  2. Ah ok, that’s good to hear. I thought they could potentially move quite swiftly by depositing a security cheque and then pursuing a case via courts to at least get a travel ban etc. However, a lot of that is based on reading old articles online, some of which may be spurious / old.
  3. Hi! have read through many of the forums here which is massively useful. Broadly my situation is similar to others here, I have a loan and CC in the UAE and am now back in the UK. Contact has not yet started and my accounts are still up to date, which will change within the next momth. I hd originally planned to try and work with one of the "specialist" firms in the UAE to propose a restructure arrangement but i'm now not convinced this is a good idea havimg read the other forums. Any thoughts appreciated. Based on info in other threads, I will write to the bank and provide an update of my address and simply request they provide guidance on how to work with them to discuss restructuring etc and see how / if they respond. Any advice here also appreciated. I'd hoped to avoid legal action / travel bans etc, though appreciate that may be fairly impossible particularly initially.
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