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  1. I am an ordinary layperson who would buy change car after couple of years and purchase car only for personal use. I am not a trade person. Because Copart allows all members to bid where as other car auctions only allows motor traders, therefore I became Copart member. It is like eBay, where anyone can register but in Copart you are ONLY ALLOWED to BID When YOU HAVE THE MEMBERSHIP. I brought the member protection pledge and bid with confidence slogans in their attention, But since their ad said that there is NMR discrepancy so their reply is that my car is not covered under that pledge. When I question them that the advertised Estimated retail value of £37000 (value of a similar car with unaltered odometer) has misled me and made me believe that the car has covered mileage in the region of 22000 if not 22000 precise since they didn't took into account the depreciation in the value of the car after covering More than 100k mile, keeping in mind that they are the experts in their profession. Misleading buyer with overinflated price resulted in the buyer placing high value bids on the car, hence more commission for Copart. If they would have put an estimated retail value as £10-15000, then obviously the buyer would have bid less for the car, hence less commission for Copart Their argument is that the value they put is for general guidance,the buyer is supposed to do their own research rather then relying on their information. section 8.1 nad 8.2 and the membership terms are quoted that I have accepted them and by doing so they are discharged of all liabilities. I have even wrote to Copart that the specific seller has committed a fraud which I have brought to their attention along with all documents, either they are party to it or the seller has used their platform.They have made no comments. If i have the documented evidence that the car odometer has been altered by a specific motor trader( name Only Known to BCA and Copart) can it be reported to police? what are my options now ?
  2. First of all thanks for taking the time out to read and reply to my problem. Yes i purchased annual membership of Copart for £100/. I am still a member. Secondly, when a car is purchased via online auction, as in this case, will the consumer rights and distance selling rights apply?I am unsure about that. Thirdly since it happened in covid lockdown so a physical inspection was impossible,as no customer were allowed on site. lastly are there any cases won, by someone in a similar situation as myself. I have all the documented proof along with detailed service history provided to Copart, but since due to privacy issues neither BCA nor Copart are willing to disclose the name of the motor trade who have tempered odometer.The various warning messages coming in dashboard has not been brought into the notice of copart, who have send me detailed description of the terms 8.1 and 8.2. I am not offered any incentive to pay via bank transfer. I did it out of my foolishness. I did some reaserch online copart exclusion clauses do not meet the reasonableness test under section 11 (1) of the un fair contract terms act 1977(gary alexander - v - copart uk ltd(case no d7qz86fa edmonton county court london). Is it relevant to my case. docs1.pdf
  3. Dear All, I purchased a BMW X5 from Copart on 01/06/2021 online(in covid Lockdown) at a price of £22600. The advert said car mileage 22453 , Estimated Retail value £37000.Additional information(Mileage discrepancy on HPI(NMR check).Mileage consistent with MOT(MOT date 05/04/2021), former keeper --0 and V5 ---not present, used --unrecorded.All the money were paid to Copart via bank Transfer. I did not performed any HPI check on the vehicle.I sat on the NMR website which was asking me about some 11 digit letter which I didn't have. The car starting showing certain warning lights and was taken for a service to a local BMW garage where the story unfolds.The car had a regular service history and last service was done at 98000 miles. I received the original V5 in post after I applied for V5 to DVLA. The original V5 has name of Alphabet cars as owner, who confirmed to me along with pic that the car was sold by them via BCA on 31/03/2021 at mileage of 103268.BCA confirmed the same. they will not disclose the name of the motor trader. So the events are. 31.03.2021----Alphabet cars sold at mileage of 103268 via BCA. mileage tempered by buyer(a Motor Trader) and V5 not updated with DVLA 05.04.2021 ---First MOT of the car at a mileage of 22000 then drive around a while 01.06.2021---sold it via Copart. I have exhausted the complaint procedure of Copart who are taking the defence of terms 8.1 and 8.2. Since the car had no documents so the thought of calling the BMW garage never crossed my mind. Moreover the estimated retail value they put as £37000, the value of a similar car with original mileage of 22000. Therefore it gave me the impression that even if there is a discrepancy , it is not that gross, to have caused the significant depreciation in the value. My common sense told me that they are experts, so any value they put on the car will be correct. Have provided all proof with doc to Copart, of course they are not ready to take the car back neither are they ready to refund even a partial amount. It seems that i have paid them approx £2k to do fraud on me. This is happening in 21st Britain. I am angry, frustrated and above all HELPLESS. Thank you everyone for reading my post . any suggestions will be highly appreciated
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