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  1. Thank you. I read these posts earlier. It seems there are still many of us who are having to deal with this organisation. How do they still continue to get away with it?
  2. Hi I have just joined. I really need help with a home insurance claim. We had an escape of water due to burst pipe under concrete slab on ground floor. I won’t bore with details, but Lloyds Bank General Insurance are using Davies Group Loss adjuster and claims handler and we are having a terrible time. They keep minimising the value of the claim and damage the water ingress has caused. Anyone else out there suffered at Davies Group Hands with their valid insurance claim. I am sitting here crying as I am at a total loss. Any advice greatly appreciated. We appointed a loss assessor in May but they won’t even deal with him properly. This has been ongoing for 3 years - yes I know 3 years. Did anyone manage to get Davis off their claim?
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