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  1. Just to keep you in the loop - both letters to UK Car Park Management Ltd & Gladstones Solicitors were posted today from Harare, Zimbabwe and I have a receipt in ZWL from Zimpost.
  2. I am sending them a letter back saying exactly what I had paid for and explaining why I sent them a cheque of £100, but I have also sent another cheque. Lets see what she comes back with. Maybe she made the mistake and I have just pointed it out. Posting again tomorrow!
  3. For Your Information I have just had all my evidence and cheque returned to my address saying: "Thank you for your aplication Please note that your cheque of £100 and application has been returned as the correct fee for the application is £255. Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to HMCTS. Alternatively you can pay by credit or debit card by phoning the CCBC Helpdesk between 9am - 3.30pm Monday-Friday. Alternatively, if you believe that you may be eligible for help with fees, you can apply for help by completing an EX160 application. If you pay the application fee but believe you are eligible for help with court fees, you have 3 months to successfully apply for a refund using the EX160 Form. You can also apply for help with fees on line at https://www.gov.uk/get-help-with-court-fees. A copy of your application has not been kept by the court and you must send copies of your application when sending the fee or EX160 / supporting evidence. If you require any further information please email us or contact our help desk on the number above." THEREFORE DO I: 1. Send a cheque for the correct amount of £255 - yes this is obvious! 2. Do I send the documents and another copy of the documents back. Just so the court has a copy. Thank you Julia
  4. Thank, I will be back the first week in November, so will check mail then and will chat to the lovely Aussie lady renting and make an arrangement going forward. Will keep you posted.
  5. Ok I have sent the email from a ZW domain address and told them the original letter is coming by snail mail in the post. Fingers crossed we don't hear from them again. I will let you know. Plus will be getting my husband to check the Zim mail boxes regularly now! Thank you for your help. Will get back to you if I receive anything more on this subject. It would be too good, if that was the end of it. My head has been buzzing this week too with 3 parking fines and threats to court on the go and none of them mine!
  6. Just going to the Post Office. Cheque for £100 made out to HM Courts & Tribunals Service, together with all documents as stated above, in the envelope. Addressed to: The court Manager, County Court Business Centre, Northampton NN1 2LH Fingers crossed. I will keep you all informed. Thank you once again for your assistance and patience with a newby like me!
  7. Yes I have now completed, photocopied the N244 form. I have attached my Draft Order, Proposed Defence and also evidence of Zimbabwe Residence Permit and my passport. Proof of coming into the country ie. my final Covid release and ticket to Guernsey on 7th October 2020. I have also sent a copy of the original Charge Notice showing the 37 seconds. My only question is who do I write the cheque too - County Court Business Centre? There is nothing on my Claim Form indicating this.
  8. I am on the phone to the County Court Business Centre to ask how much to include in payment for my N244 - I am number 35 in the queue - does anyone know the exact amount. I remember a mention of £100 and then another amount for £255. Can I send a cheque?
  9. Thank you for the sample of the Draft Order: Would it be better to type it or write it by hand?
  10. Ok thank you. I had got the wrong end of the stick, regarding attaching the letter. I have now put the contents of the letter in point No. 10. Can I type up my Defense and attach it, or would it be better to hand write that too and attach? I am still confused about the "Draft Order" - do I just write it in hand and attach to the N244 as seen in the sample below? I am thinking of signing it below too? 9. Who should be served with this application. Should I put Vehicle Control Services or not? draft order.pdf
  11. Ok luckily now the response box is opening and I can reply - sorry but could not work out what was going wrong! I think the best thing is to send the letter asking for the SAR and then I will go to the post office and get the mail sent to my fathers address in the Channel Island where I will be for October. Or if I can't organise it for a month I will get my tenant to forward my mail. My husband is going back to Zimbabwe on 22nd September and he might be able to find the original paperwork with the first PCN. However the letter asking for the SAR - wont this save us a bit of time to get our ducks in a row. The only last option is, do I just pay this one for £170 as I am still fighting another CCJ and I can't risk getting another. Will wait to hear all advice. Thank you once again. It will be such a relief when I get through all of this - and none of them are mine - sods law!
  12. N244 Application Notice - HELP PLEASE 4. Have you attached a draft of the Order you are applying for? Yes or No - what is a draft of the Order 5. How do you want this application dealt with: at a hearing, without a hearing, at a telephone hearing - what do you suggest 8. Level of Judge - think I will leave this blank 9. Who should be served with the application? - I was going to put Vehicle Control Services Ltd - is that correct 10. What info will you be relying on, in support of your application? Options: ... The attached witness statement ...... the staement of case ...... the evidence set out in the box below - Shall I write up my defence again in the large box provided or just say: please refer to the Attachment "My Defence" DX No. - I will leave this blank as I don't know what it is Lastly how do you know the correct fee to submit with the application ? Should I send a cheque? How many copies of my application should I submit to the court? I have got my covering letter all ready to go and will send everything by post. Do you suggest I pay for post to be signed for - so I can track it. I don't mind paying to be on the safe side.
  13. Thank you - got there in the end - found the sample letter. Have rewritten and will send it off tomorrow. Do you think it is worth mentioning as a PS. That I have tenanted my house from 25th September, so they need to respond to an address in the Channel Islands up until 1st November and then to Zimbabwe after that?
  14. I did numerous times but it takes me to a title: "Full Subject Access under new GDPR" - just a title only Then under that - a big orange square saying "Thread Locked" and then under that " Explanatory Note" - that I read, but when I press the word SAR in these notes it brings me back to the beginning again!!! I can't find the letter I am meant to write to: UK Car Park Management Limited, 49 Station Road, Polegate, BN26 6EA. Please can you help copy and paste it - I am not understanding how to write the letter about requesting a SAR - I told you I am new to this and the site can be a bit confusing at times
  15. This is the letter - I won't print and send it until I have had the OK from you all. I have noticed a small error in the last sentence. I will be in Guernsey, CI - Do you think I can ask that they email me instead of write, as it is difficult when you are not at any one address (until I return to Zimbabwe) as I have once again tenanted my flat in Bristol? Letter to CCBusCentre for CAG.pdf
  16. No template pops up - I hope I am not being stupid! I think the template says it has been locked. I am just off to print my other letter so is it possible to copy and paste?
  17. I have just rephrased is as suggested as I am a resident in Zimbabwe and have been there for 21 years as a resident. On another subject - can you believe it - my husband has just walked in and I chatted to him about going to court etc and that I could not remember even being in Bristol airport - well it turns out the penny has just dropped - it was him, not me. He was driving around Bristol airport looking for the Drive In Covid Centre to do a Covid test. He did not get out of the car, but he did hesitate looking for where to get the test and to try and see where the drive in was. It turned out it was the next roundabout and not in the airport at all. So the mystery is over, it wasn't even me - so I can happily put that No. 2 point back into my letter: 2. the Claimant has failed to follow the provisions of Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 to establish keeper liability
  18. I have made changes to make it more accurate: I am normally based in Zimbabwe, living at XXXXX, and so I did not receive the county court claim form issued on XXXXX which was sent to my tenanted address in England. I became aware of the County Court Judgement against me on XXXXX when I returned to the UK and picked up post from this address. I immediately took legal advice and then contacted the Claimant twice by e-mail to request they consent to a set aside order. The Claimant has not replied, thus this application to the court. If the set aside order is granted, I intend to defend the claim on the basis that: (1) the incident in question took less than 30 seconds, there is a mandatory industry-wide 10-minute grace period for all private parking matters before a ticket can be issued; (3) Locus Standi - the Claimant is not the landowner; (4) Bristol Airport is covered by bye-laws, a traffic violation should be prosecuted in the Magistrates' Court, a private company cannot take it upon themselves to replace the police or magistrates; (5) I do not believe the Claimant has obtained planning permission for their signs which is a criminal offence and makes it impossible to have formed a contract with the driver; (6) the Claimant is claiming the debt, legal costs and an extra invented sum as an attempt at double recovery which invalidates the whole claim. I will be returning to Zimbabwe in early November and would respectfully request a hearing date before then if possible.
  19. Ok downloading today and will collect at lunch time. Will go through the form and might ask you for more advice if I get stuck. Thank you
  20. Thank you for your response. I spoke with my son and he was visiting his friend at that address and he can't remember well but believes he parked briefly in the parking space without being aware that it was being monitored or seeing the signage. His friend still lives there, so I could get photographs if necessary. I have two addresses for CPM UK Car Park Management Ltd London SE1 OSW, but I think the correct one is: 19 New Road Brighton BN1 1UK. Can you confirm. Also I am not quite sure what I am writing to say - Can you confirm if this is OK below: To whom It May Concern I wish to ask for an SAR (Subject Access Request) of the unpaid charge notice, Ref......... I have never been to the address stated in your "Letter Before Claim", Riverside Quarter Eastfields Avenue SW18 1LP and the car concerned has been taken off the road and scraped a year ago. I live most of the year abroad, and am just about to travel back to Africa until spring 2022 again. Yours ...........
  21. Ok thank you. I want to pay the £255 and have a go at getting a "Set Aside". Please explain how I do this and who I pay. Just don't want to get it wrong. Thanks
  22. When I get back on 1st November, I will collect my post from my tenant in Bristol and then head to London for a week or so before flying. This is the plan at the moment.
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