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  1. It Certainly would be Honey Bee and we will be referring him to out Consumer Group to advise him further and they will most likely forward details onto Trading Standards
  2. Our client wasn't aware of any EIS and does not know which one was put on but I have asked him for any further docs he may have. Our advice would be pretty much as you have explained previously on others in reporting this has a scam to action fraud an lodging a claim against the company and speaking to HMRC to advise of his situation and ask for time to pay, but similarly to one of the other posts (Dixon) I think, he's local paper would be Blackpool Gazette, so I think the 'referrer friend' could be the same person
  3. Interesting Posts, I am a Debt Advisor with Citizens Advice and I have recently been contacted by someone who was told by a friend to contact Fast Tax Rebates and claim for 'his uniform and the laundry of it' as he had done it and got money back. Similar to others on here they promised him money, got access to his Government Gateway, had photocopies of his Full Passport and got him to apply for a UTR (never been self employed works in telesales). He then received £1900 from FTR,and has now received a demand from HMRC for nearly £8000. He never knew anything about EIS and cannot get hold of FTR for love nor money
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