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  1. Yes I would like a peaceful life without the feeling that the claimant can threaten me when they want and discontinued the claim whenever they want and this goes on and on. This is all so confusing. Let's see what happens. CEL might just be trying their luck and nothing happens.
  2. the court will need to give them permission to take me to court again? This is ridiculous. I do not want to waste too much time on this but I will keep an eye on the court letters. I will keep this thread posted. Thank you everyone.
  3. I have decided I will ignore them. I don't want to waste my time even responding to them. They can waste their time and money on getting the case to court again. I will respond to the court if it gets to that point. It shouldn't take much more of my time as I have all the evidence and writing saved on my laptop already and can just use it again and also i can let the court know that this case has already been discontinued. CEL can find out from the court that their case has been discontinued previously. It will be interesting to see what happens. Nothing might even happen, they may just be trying their luck. Will keep you posted
  4. Thanks, will do. I was hoping to ignore them so they can waste their time but i guess it also wastes my time to go through the whole process again.
  5. It is the same PCN number as the original PCNs issued back in 2021 when this first happened. Last time DBCL issued the Letter Before Claim and acted on behalf of CEL. Yesterday I have received a Letter Before Claim from CEL directly saying they will take me to court if I do not respond within 30 days. It is for the same case that was issued a N279. It is either an error on CEL side or they are just trying to still make me pay and hoping I do not live here anymore?
  6. OMG that is so true. I will reply to SRA with what you had mentioned and will let them know I will now take it further. SRA thinks they can just brush me off just like that. I will also look into making a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman so I can give them more hassle like what they did to me! I am so disappointed with all parties involved, DVLA, CEL, DCBL and now SRA. Felt they like are all brushing me off and tried to scam me. No wonder why most people just give in. Hopefully the Ombudsman will take this seriously, but let's see! I have learnt so much going through this and thank you to this group for your great support. I will keep this thread updated with the outcome!
  7. Hello All, I have complained to SRA as suggested and today have had a response, took them 3 months to reply and I had to chase and follow up: I write further to my email of 26 October 2023 and can confirm that I have now considered all the information and evidence provided by both you and DCB Legal Ltd and that I have come to a decision. Your concerns I can see that you had raised concerns about the firm’s conduct when they were acting on behalf of their client Civil Enforcement Limited in respect of proceedings in the county court. In particularly, a Notice of Discontinuance was sent to the court on 23 June 2023, which was signed by K Hinton, in which it was stated “I certify that I have served a copy of this notice on every other party to the proceedings”. On 2 August 2023, a second Notice of Discontinuance was filed and served and this was received by you on 9 August 2023. You had alleged that a false statement was made in the Notice of Discontinuance dated 12 June 2023, since a copy of the Notice was not served upon you, contrary to Ms XXXX statement on that Notice. We have not seen any information to suggest the firm has behaved unethically which we need to investigate It is understandable that you would have concerns that a statement was made in the original Notice of Discontinuance that you were served with a copy of the Notice when this was not the case. An allegation of misleading the court, requires evidence to suggest that the firm or individual knew at the time of the statement was made that they were aware that this wasn’t the case. However, the firm has confirmed that in this case, due to a technical and administrative error, that only one copy of the Notice of Discontinuance was sent to the Court by email and the copy for service on you was not sent out due to a system error. They have explained that as a firm, they use a postal service provider and despite a request for the notice and a covering letter to be sent for printing and posting by the postal service provider being raised on 12 June 2023, due to a technical issue, the letter was not sent out. They say that the case management system is set to serve both parties (the Court by email and the Defendant by post via the postal service provider) to ensure compliance with the CPR, but on this occasion, it appears it did not function as expected. They say that the file handler appears to have completed the actions correctly on the case management system, so it appears that this is a case of a genuine administrative error when the data was sent to the postal service provider for posting. They say that upon the Court contacting them on 1 August 2023, and of their being made aware of an issue with the Notice of Discontinuance not having reached the Court file, they revisited the file and to err on the side of caution, and to ensure compliance with the CPR, they filed and served a new notice of discontinuance. Although it is understandable that you would have concerns, mistakes are sometimes made and, in this case, there is nothing to indicate that the firm deliberately attempted to mislead the court and therefore acted unethically, in breach of our rules. I am sorry that we have not been able to help further on this occasion. I find this very hard to believe. I strongly believe the court would not have contacted the claimant on the 1st August if they didn't receive their Notice of Discontinuance because by then it would have been too late because they didn't pay the court fee and the case would have been a 'Struck Out'. On the 1st August, the Court sent me their Notice of Discontinuance which they already have on file so no need to contact the claimant also. All Rubbish but enjoy reading!
  8. Hello All, I have finally received the N279 from DCBL through the post today. The N279 sent to the court was signed back in 12th June. The N279 sent to me by post was signed by another person on the 2nd August which I have received today 9th August (5 days before the actual court date). I believe DCBL/CEL deliberately sent it to me so late to lead me on to believe the court case will still go ahead. Just want to say better to get in touch with the court to find out the progress of the claim. All the best. Thank you CAG again for all your help. N279 Discontinance.pdf
  9. I am so lucky to have found this site and you guys have been so wonderful and amazing. Where can I donate please???? I would like to give back to you guys.
  10. Well well well. The court has emailed me back today and said: "I can confirm that the case has been discontinued by the Claimant. I attach a copy of the Notice of Discontinuance for your records. Therefore the hearing on the 14th is now longer needed and the court file is closed." My case has been discontinued since mid June. They never sent me the N279! Bet they did it on purpose to keep me hanging and lead me on to think that it is still going ahead. Wasted my time preparing the Witness Statements and sending it over to the court. Glad I reached out to the court even though they were slow. Didn't want to waste my time turning up for no reason. Guys, I would like to say a big Thank You for all your support, I wouldn't have gotten this far without you guys. J9KF2G8V N279 - Notice of Discontinuance.pdf
  11. I have just sent the court another email. The court still haven't replied back to me from 2 weeks ago. I can call the court again but the lady on the phone did say that I will need to email the court for an update because all she can see on her system is the case has been 'discontinued' and advice me to call up 24 hours before and then she will have more information and can chase for me. As for DCBL, I have blocked their email! Shall I still call them? I don't want to waste too much time stressing over this. I can still turn up at the court on the day. I am just shocked at this whole process. DCBL not complying with the court order, the court not responding to me. It is frustrating but I am not going to stress over it.
  12. Hello All, I have been waiting patiently for the N279 from CEL and I still have not received anything. I do not believe they will be sending anything now. They are not complying with the court. What I can do now is call the court 24 hours before to follow up. I also went back to the car park to check the signs and the pay machine and the name has completely changed. Atlantis FM Ltd is the name on the signs and it is all over the car park now. Same information/colour, only the name has changed. Their pay machine is from Flowbird and they have added card payment.
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