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  1. I prefer not to use "Subject Access Request" or "SAR" as these do not seem to appear as such within relevant Data Protection law. But my understanding is that the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) continues to allow their use. I have used the following, recently, it seems to me to be far more precise: "Right Of Access To Personal Data Request By Data Subject, Article 15 UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018)".
  2. Seeking to discover, investigate, and gather evidence relating to exactly how unlawful actions are taken against energy customers en masse for example, and/or criminal actions taken against energy customers en masse, also for example, is absolutely the only effective way to resolve these issues, both those that have occurred already, and those that are occurring now or would otherwise occur later in future. To ensure that laws are enforced, that criminals are not unjustly enriched, and that justice is done, and to serve as a deterrent to the recurrence of similar egregious conduct in future. In either or both of the above examples, it is the Senior Management Teams of any energy company so involved, and those that work unlawfully with them, that would be solely responsible for the unlawful and/or criminal business practices that would give rise to such large-scale unlawful and/or criminal actions.
  3. HP MUM, if you have or can get an online account with British Gas Trading Limited, copies of many past energy bills should become accessible to read and to download copies of individually. And as mentioned, a Right Of Access Request (ROAR) might also be of use to you. You can also request that British Gas Trading Limited posts you copies of all bills that have been issued, as quickly as possible to you. I have found evidence of alarming entries, references, discrepancies, and omissions within a ROAR disclosure received by email only last month in July of 2021, and these issues have combined to profoundly and unlawfully affect the billing of the British Gas Trading Limited accounts involved. If there has been any unusually-high energy usage that has occurred relating to an account, such as might be caused by a defective or otherwise inaccurate energy meter, this fact is often found written and highlighted somewhere on the energy bills issued, for example, there might be a statement indicating or describing that a 50%, 100%, or even higher increase in energy usage for a given fuel has occurred compared to the energy recorded as having been used within a prior year on an account. If you do dispute the accuracy of account billing, or dispute that you actually used the amount of fuel alleged, and even if you are putting forward other issues in response to the energy company's communications made to you, I would recommend that you send as many emails as possible to as many email-addresses as are needed to prove that you are in fact responding to the concerns that have been communicated to you by British Gas Trading Limited, CC each email to many others to create an electronic audit-trail of your (quite possibly desperate) attempts to engage with your energy company. I can supply additional email-addresses if you have an interest. I do realise that this coming Monday, 16 August 2021, may be the day that a warrant to authorise entry is executed, or may be attempted, from what you have reported previously.
  4. In the case of British Gas Trading Limited, it only serves to act to the extreme detriment of energy customers when the "Debt Collection Agencies" commonly being used were in fact largely established by and/or commonly employ (former) senior employees of British Gas Trading Limited (or Centrica PLC), such as is the case with both "Arvato Financial Solutions Limited" and "Richburns Limited".
  5. I would definitely recommend that HP MUM carefully scrutinises any and all energy meter serial-numbers that might be involved, all dates that any meters were installed on and removed on, and each and every energy bill matched to serial-numbers and patterns of energy usage. Energy customers are being billed using energy meter serial-numbers that are not from their own meters, and are being billed using the serial-numbers of prior meters that were once installed and then removed, and are even being billed or charged simultaneously for two meters for the same fuel at the same time. I have personally witnessed many of the above types of occurrences. A Right Of Access Request (ROAR) (known to many as a Subject Access Request, or SAR) to receive a copy of all personal data held in paper and electronic forms pursuant to UK GDPR and the DPA 2018 as amended would be a good idea. Also, asking to receive a copy of a record of all meter inspections that have occurred, and exactly when they occurred if they did, and seeking to explore the possibility that a meter might be out of calibration or might have suffered some fault or from some adverse network condition(s) affecting its accuracy, would be desirable to at least consider the possibility of.
  6. My understanding is that there are a range of differing Civil Procedure Rules depending upon the type of civil court action, but I believe that these exist in some form in relation to all civil court actions. If you choose to read some of the actual Civil Procedure Rules, you will see that the Letter Before Claim (LBC) letter of the type that HP MUM received is actually prescribed in form, defined if you will. And copies of these legal documents are submitted to magistrates' courts because they are legally required to do so, or run the risks of suffering adverse legal disadvantages in one form or another. The rules appear designed to lessen unnecessary litigation, and also unnecessarily protracted litigation, as well as to promote a sense of fairness.
  7. Royal Mail commonly accepts illegible "signatures", signatures marked with an "x", and commonly fails to obtain any form of signature at all. I have in the past received quite enough "books of stamps as compensation" for Royal Mail Special Delivery items that were only later found to be special in the worst possible sense, I need no more. One drafted email can be sent to dozens of people at once, at the speed of light, or close enough. And later sent to infinite others with verbatim accuracy. Message-ID's, email header information, and read-receipts are very useful things to have. Email Server logs at either end of an emailed communication's journey should record the handshakes that occur at both ends confirming both sending and receipt.
  8. An energy customer raised to a Priority Services Register can also have accounts relating to empty, unoccupied properties.
  9. I am investigating the business practices of a number of companies and groups of companies involved with British Gas Trading Limited. I act upon behalf of a vulnerable, elderly and disabled man who has been targetted and is continuing to be harmed. I have acted to personally contact essentially the entire Senior Management Teams of British Gas Trading Limited and Centrica PLC.
  10. That is one of the problems inherent, I only have the email-address itself, and some email read-receipts, but no actual replies to any emails that I have sent. It appears to be a secretive, specialised department or section within British Gas Trading Limited. I need to discover the identity of LDOT, but I cannot speculate wildly.
  11. Might anyone be able to identify the LDOT in "LDOT" for me, it appears to be some manner of specialised department or section of British Gas Trading Limited? An email-address for LDOT is as follows: [email protected]
  12. The letter that you received was dated 19 July 2021, and was from British Gas Trading Limited? Exactly who signed this letter?
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