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  1. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/587115810 here is a video of the merger, I hope this helps explain. Thanks!
  2. Good evening, Today I was rather aggressively pulled over by a traffic officer… his original suspicion was that my vehicle was stolen purely based on it being a fancy car (it wasn’t stolen). After ownership was established the officer accused me of driving without due care and attention, consequently I am now expecting a court summons. The situation is as follows: I had just taken a turn after a set of traffic lights, the stretch of road in question is two lanes which merge after 100m or so, the merging lane is the left hand lane and the right hand lane carries on forward. The speed limit is 30mph. I was in the left Lane and passed two slow moving cars, without breaking the speed limit, and merged ahead of them as the lanes connected - next thing I knew i was boxed in by a police car. His series of events is that he witnessed me undertaking two cars, no other factors are in question, and as such I am charged with driving without due care and attention. My understanding of mergers such as this is that both lanes should be used so cars merge at the point of lane closure. Ordinarily, merging lanes end on the right lane and move into the left, as this road layout is reversed it conflicts the rules of mergers and under/overtaking. I am unsure as to whether the move I made was right or wrong and additionally as to whether this will amount to driving without due care and attention. Any advise is greatly appreciated, thank you all
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