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  1. Ah ok. Yeah I have moved a couple times. Tesco knew my address and used fredricksons and numerous other debt collectors and kept them up to date. They sold it all to debtmangers around 2 years ago. Is it worth another SAR to Tesco to see what they have. Thanks
  2. That and 3 statements of the account showing balance and monthly payments like you would normally receive is all I got. I didn't receive any other documents and was told what I uploaded was terms and agreement. I presume that isnt then?. I did send a SAR request to Tesco but they wanted me to sign a document to prove identity even though I signed my letter which I found strange
  3. Thanks I will try and upload them in the next couple days. They produced all original signed documents and terms and condition. I had some other lending at the time no defaults and a good credit rating. I went through a divorce and changed jobs hence the default on this when I couldn't afford to pay. One CC was partially settled a couple years ago from divorce stuff and this Is the only one left. Tesco 121175609 08.03.2021.pdf I have managed to upload the CCA debt managers sent me from Tesco. It has been checked before and I was told its enforceable thanks
  4. Thanks Andy. Wasnt sure whether to make a counter offer with more and see what they say. If they bought the debt from tesco which has been confirmed I would have thought the agreement would be with them?
  5. Hi All I have a defaulted account from April 2016 where I have been making payments towards to Debt Managers who own the account from Tesco Loan. I have confirmed that they hold the original CCA and Tesco have signed it all over to them. I have only been paying £20 a month for two years on it and owe £14000. Due to family bereavement I have been gifted some money £6000 in total and using the national debt line letter sent a full and final offer of 3000 and see what they said. They responded and said they would only accept 11203.82 from 14004.78 and the 3000 would be taken as a lump sum towards it. I have 6000 to offer total they seem to not want to negotiate. Does anyone have any ideas what I should do next. I only pay 20 a month as money is tight. I will try and upload the letter thank you above states that's what they will accept and want me to go through an expenditure sheet and the offer is only valid until 8th September. If anyone has advice what to respond I would be very grateful thank you Today at 10:37AMThey responded and said they would only accept 11203.82 from 1400 DM Letters.pdf
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