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  1. I remember paying £14.99 for my report in July 2016 because a company said if I pay it they would gove me a loan... LOL. I paid it and got my full report through the post. Turns out I think it might have helped me
  2. Thanks dx100uk. I will go to the FOS. I have my full report from 2016 too. All the hard searches and everything on it. With regards to the others is it normal for them to wait until the last week to reply to me. There are 6 other companies i am waiting a response from
  3. Hi Everyone. Im just looking for a bit of advice... Between September 2015 and October 2016 I suffered a mental health breakdown. Turned out eventually i had several manic episodes of bipolar. I was diagnosed in December 2016. Its taken many years to get myself together and onto a healthy lifestyle and this is why I am dealing with all my problems now. Throughout the time of my first manic episodes, I took out several payday loans. 8 with mr lender over a 7 month period, also several others with other lenders. I was taking them out and paying of others to keep it all going if that makes sense. I was just spending the money on online bingo. Anyway, ive made several complaints to these payday loan companies on the grounds in was unaffordable lending. I emailed each one on 26th may 2021, sent them 18 months worth of bank statements, showing the several loans also a copy of my psychiatrists diagnosis of the time. Its coming up to the 8 week mark. Ive had acknowledgements of my complaints but no response to the complaints itself, apart from 2 companies. Quid Market agreed to remove the £189 i owed them and to remove any negative markings from my file and wished me well for the future. H&T loans - denied any wrong doing. I had one loan for £300 paid it off. Then they allowed me to take out a £600 loan on the same day - its still outstanding although on my credit file it states i owe them £1535. Apparently thats with interest and charges they claim i owe them. Do i reply do their final response or just go to the FOS? As for the other lenders, i am still waiting for their responses. Is it normal for them to wait until the last week to contact me? Any advice on what I can do next? Sorry for the long post
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