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  1. I'm not confidident at all now, I have looked at the MOT history and it seems as if the car had an MOT in 2018 and then nothing until May 2021, the missing service history is for that period as well. I have tried searching but cannot find anything ?
  2. I have kept email responses from the dealer , which unfortunately is just a couple of lines stating the car is not covered under warranty, this email is in response to my email asking GCS to come an agreement on costs for repairs and asserting my rights under the consumer rights act 2015. I will prepare a statement trying to capture a time line of events.
  3. OK so the car was advertised on autotrader, Autotrader have sent me the text from the advert. The car was also advertised with full service history however this has never been provided despite verbal requests, should I email them asking for the missing service history and how could this affect any claim I may make?
  4. To be honest I cannot remember , I thought I had saved the advert but it is amiss? I will not pursue that part unless I can prove from the advert.
  5. Hi BF . Yes I have written to the dealer asserting my rights under the consumer rights act. When the car was in at MB I did get them to check the car over and even had it serviced , the dealer did claim that they had serviced the car but have not provided any paperwork to back this claim up. I did not give the dealer any notification on costs , it was only after that I forwarded them the invoice asking them to come to an agreement and setting a time limit of the 27/082021.
  6. Thanks for the help. I do want to keep the car , I do like it and have put a private plate on the car. I have emailed GCS on the 8th August giving them a chance to repair , they did not respond via email only by telephone stating that it was my problem alone. I have since had the repairs carried out at MB , due to the difficulty recovering the car and me needing it back on the road for work purposes I have paid for the repair. Again I did email GCS and gave them a chance to reimburse myself or come to an agreement by the 27/08/2021 or I may seek compensation through the courts, this time they did email me stating the car is not covered under warranty. With regard to the second quote I'm sure I could get this from a specialist if required. Thanks Adam
  7. Hi thankyou for replying and apologies for the delay in my response , it has been a whirlwind of a few weeks with work and the kids being struck down by chicken pox. Still the dust has settled and we have all survived. So to answer your questions. Company is GCS car sales ltd based in London. Used Cars London, Used Car Dealer in London | GCS Car Sales Ltd WWW.GCSCARSALESLTD.CO.UK GCS Car Sales Ltd is a used car dealer in London stocking a wide range of second hand cars at great prices. Visit us today for affordable used cars in London. I bought a second hand car on June 6th 2021 The car I purchased was a mercedes Benz estate on (06/062021) c300e on a 2015 plate, I paid £15250 for the car which had 39000 miles on the clock. I paid by bank transfer unfortunately. I really liked the car and needed something urgently as I use the car for commuting purposes. The car came with a recent MOT , there was an advisory on the mot that I was not aware of at the time of sale. The car broke down on 08/08/2021 on 42000 miles essentially the air compressor for the air matic system had failed so recovery was awkward as the car sat so low. The RAC eventually managed to recover the car to mercedes benz , I had tried independent garages but these were all booked out until September, on inspection by MB they informed me that the compressor pump had failed and an earth relay had corroded, there was also excessive play in the near and offside wheel control arms, one of these faults had been identified in the mot. I had tried speaking with GCS on a few occasions and sent them numerous emails , they have stated that the compressor and items are not covered under the 3 month warranty provided at the point of sale. MB gave me costs of £1200 for the compressor and £1940 after adding in the 2 control arms, I did offer GCS a chance to pay but they declined. I have since emailed them and given them a until 27/08/2021 to come to an agreement with myself or face a small claims case, again they have declined. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone. A little advice would really help. I bought a second hand car on June 6th 2021, lovely car but it has developed a major suspension fault , it is a mercedes c300e (airmatic) . The car cannot be driven due to the suspension collapsing. The car is a 2015 model which i paid a little over 15k for. I reported it faulty to the dealer on the 8th August 2021 so over 30 days after purchase. However the dealer are refusing to help at all saying its my problem, I will get the car recovered into Mercedes Benz as all MB specialists seem to be fully booked out. I have sent the dealer an email outlining I expect them to pay for the repair . I fear this will be an expensive fix , what recourse do I have .
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