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  1. So I have just recieved a letter from NatWest asking me for information for where I pay taxes too. I told HMRC I was leaving the UK and that's all sorted out. Why would NatWest be asking me for information where I pay taxes too?
  2. So NatWest got back to me saying they need a signed letter from me I've seen in previous posts that you should send unsigned letters any advice?
  3. Hi everyone, I have about £20,000 debt in the UK all unsecured spread across Barclays and NatWest. It's 2 Credit Cards and one loan. I've been living in Canada for just over a year and the conversion from CDN $ to GBP £ is killing my bank account. I had tried to inform Barclays and NatWest via phone that I was moving to Canada even attempted to give them my address over the phone however they would not accept it as it was not in the UK. I will be sending proof of my residency and a copy of my Ontario ID which shows my address. My wife is a fly by numbers and do everything the right way and I am considering this as the only option left as bankruptcy would affect me in Canada as I have credit here. Would I be stopped at the airport in the UK if returned to visit for a holiday? Also is there anything else I should include in the letter when I send my proof of residence? Also does anyone have tips for dealing with DCA's when they call or when I receive any letters? Many thanks.
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