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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm sorry if I've duplicated a post, but I couldn't find anything related to the value discrepancy on your site. Can you please help? Just a quick query about whether it's worth starting a claim with the Sheriffs Court. My goods were damaged by Parcel2Go via Hermes, after they said the goods had gone missing: a cast iron bench leg was broken. I paid £280 for garden furniture (a bargain), which is worth £600. I said the value was £600 as that's what it would cost to replace. I didn't take the insurance out, but am worried that I won't have a leg to stand on when the discrepancy is raised in Court - "Declared Value". Hermes put £25 into my bank as a goodwill gesture for my trouble, and I have already been offered the £20 plus the delivery refund from Parcel2Go. I've recovered my goods, and it cost £25 to weld the cast iron bench leg. if I accept the Parcel2Go offer, I'll be £160 down: not including my husbands' time for collecting the goods, but I won't have the hassle of pursuing a claim if my valuation lets me down at Court. Thank you for any help you may offer. Kind regards, Wing Clipper
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