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  1. It was both brokers I dealt with they told me it was the worst thing they could of given me and it being so recent too.
  2. Please can anyone advice... I spent all of last year paying off my small debts here and there in preparation for getting a mortgage, I purposely went into my PC World account to pay off my whole account, I got quite confused with the screens as the money I owed for different purchases were all on different screens, so to my knowledge I paid off my whole account and shut it down and cancelled all my direct debits. In this time I also moved, I didnt update my address with them as I didnt deem it necessary as had paid it all off, they still had my email address though. My credit was almost perfect at this point. Then when i came to apply for my new mortgage my credit was showing as poor.. I went into check my credit score and PC WORLD had given me 4 late payments for £79! It transpired that I had missed a screen with one of my purchases on for £79 so as I had shut down my direct debit details they gave me these 4 missed payments for 4 months i missed, I came across an old letter from my previous address and paid it off immediately and rang them to ask them to remove it but they said they can't. This £79 has caused me to lose my property that i was after for me and my boys and apparently stays on there for 6 years there has to be something i can do. I had a perfect credit report aside from this which has now rendered me as a danger to any lender!!! please can anyone help.
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