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  1. Thank you very much for you help. There was nothing in my order with P2G that mentioned the actual courier. The trouble is there is no paper trail as they only communicate on the webchat. I have taken a couple of screen shots. I had to ask several times who the actual courier was. Honestly I feel I NEVER want to get involved with this process ever again. It is shocking that they make the customer do all the work, they just give you the run around !
  2. Yes. ''Damaged, held at London depot '' it says. I have now joined and made an account with P2G and actually got a sensible web chat. I have asked that they deliver it anyway. 'Flavour1' told me they appointed Parcelforce to deliver it. But would not tell me who I should complain to . She, he, it, said it would be delivered but they cant say when . . .
  3. Thank you for your reply Bank Fodder and DX100uk. My problem is with Parcel2go. My item is a vintage bamboo dressing table. I already have the bedside cabinets to this set. They are not particularly common and I was delighted to find this one AND get it for a very reasonable price. I have seen one sell for £450 a few months ago. The seller was helpful and gave me all the dimensions. This I relayed to Parcel2go. Surely there is some obligation for a company to be accessible ? The chatbot is a waste of time, it does not have the capacity to deal with my problem. I am an elderly widow and my skills are limited. I feel I am having to take on a world that I no longer recognise or know how to deal with. I feel as if I have been mugged !
  4. Having bought a vintage bamboo table off eBay, I had to arrange a courier. I picked Parcel2go and paid a further £40. 80. It was picked up and should have been delivered to me last Thursday. I waited in but it did not arrive. I received no communication. On Friday i went on the tracker and it said that my table was damaged and held at the London depot. I tried the webchat but it was totally useless. I tried several times to find a number to call but there is nothing on the site I tried to googled the number. I found two numbers but neither of these work. I think it is outrageous that a company can operate like this? They are quick to sell themselves and grab your money. What can I do? I need to know the extent of the damage and how I make a claim. Or are they a scam outfit?
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