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  1. @BankFodder but that's exactly what I'm doing, addressing what you've asked on 22nd... you also previously asked about pdfs of my emails with trader...my message on 25th was asking which option to do 15+2 pdf pages or a timeline summary? Regarding Halfords, I added their response on this thread and answered your question about when the request was sent..... I just needed to know if I should send my ID so they can complete the SAR. Of course I appreciate all the help on this, I did reply a few times but didn't get a response so just left it there.
  2. Hi @BankFodder thanks will sort outlook. Can you see my post on 25th Sept? Just need to know if 15 + 2 pages OK or should I do a summary? Also about SAR, should I send Halfords my ID?
  3. Hi I've had no responses on this thread about SAR or trader issue since September. Everything stopped as I'm awaiting advice on next steps... Please let me know. Many thanks
  4. Yes thats good it is showing. Thanks @honeybee13 @BankFodder please could you let me know about pdfs and Halfords? Thanks
  5. Hi @BankFodder, not sure if my posts are showing on here... please can you let me know if last post is showing?
  6. Hi, something is strange as I'm no longer getting email notifications from this forum. Anyway, the direct message was about the pdfs (I just replied to a message you sent me)... I have 15 pages and an additional 2. I can remove my email address and post it on this thread. Would that be OK? Or I can do a summary timeline? Re Halfords, the SAR request was sent on 16th Aug. Her last email claims the 30 days begins when they have all the information. Should I just send my ID? I'm finding it odd that she stated she emailed the owner twice, and now is asking me for ID when I questioned it.
  7. Hi @BankFodder I've resent the message, hopefully that comes through. Any advice on this Halfords email above please? Should I just send her my ID?
  8. Thats odd, I'll see why that message didn't go through. I've had this response from Halfords after I called and emailed back... its very odd that they have never asked for my ID. And she clearly states she has sent 2 emails to the vehicle owner and was awaiting a response. Also now stating it relates to both of us so she will send the SAR to me? Good afternoon XXXX, For Halfords to process your SAR request I require Identification from both of you as the information enclosed in the data is relating to both of you. The form of identification I require is photographic identification. A current in date driving license will be sufficient. The statutory timescale for responding to a SAR does not begin until we receive suitable proof of identification, therefore we have not breached the statutory time limit. When I receive proof of identity from both of you I will complete the SAR request and provide you with the data as requested. Kind regards Rachel Spibey | Compliance Co-ordinator
  9. Hi, I have received this email from Halfords today. I was assured by the other person that the SAR would be sent by 16th and there was never any communication about the car ownership..... Dear Ms XXX, I have sent two emails asking the car owner for proof of identification, once I have received this I can provide you with the SAR request. Even then I can only provide details relating to the person who requested the SAR and not you. Kind regards Rachel Spibey | Compliance Co-ordinator Mobile:07483920304 Email:[email protected]
  10. Ok great. I've sent you a message regarding emails, could you let me know please? Thanks
  11. Hi, the deadline for SAR was 16th Sept, we have not received it and Ive chased yesterday.
  12. Oh I called about 20 times, and emailed too. Just kept getting ignored until finally I received a call from the person doing the SAR. He was also handling the complaint. He sent an email stating nothing could be done then called me. I explained I had images of the equipment so surely they could use that, turned out that was all they needed.
  13. Hi After much chasing and calls, I've finally received a report today. Also they called to say SAR will be sent by 16th September (I sent it on 16th Aug) I'm putting together the emails on a pdf, will let you know number of pages ASAP. 1041757 email.docx
  14. Hi apologies for the delayed response, been sorting out our living situation. Ok I've got some update from Halfords which I will post on the main forum. I'm hoping to have all my home stuff sorted by this weekend so I can focus on this.
  15. Hi I've chased Halfords twice now, again today. Is there anything else I can do? I've asked for regional management direct email today. Dear XXXX Thanks for your reply. I have chased this up with them for you now as it has been forwarded to their Regional Managers. They will be in touch with you at the earliest opportunity. Kind regards, Melyssa Vaughan --------------- Original Message --------------- From: XXXXX Sent: 24/08/2021 07:49 To: [email protected] Subject: RE: Halfords Autocentres - Case 14112533 [ ] Hi Melyssa, Thank you for forwarding my complaint. It's seems its been forwarded twice yet I have not received any response about it. Please can you follow up on this?
  16. Hi apologies for the delayed response. Halfords complaint and SAR sent, both done by email and post. SAR was signed, scanned and a copy emailed. Both posted out today. Im prepping the email to dealer now, thank you for the wording.
  17. Ok will send it. I've tried the link and can't find the template for SAR. The dealer didn't send a result of the investigation. He only emailed to say he had received the car. My partner bought and filled the oil. He has receipts.
  18. I've just spoken to my partner and he says Halfords has refunded the money as he accepted it when they called.... this completely messes things up. Is there any point in sending them the SAR?
  19. My partner booked the diagnostic and they called and spoke to him yesterday. I'll send the letters out this weekend. Thank you
  20. Hi yes the technician should have given one, he's left since. We have the receipts for the diagnostic and an auto confirmation that it was completed. Technician didn't create a report so no paperwork for it which is why they can only refund.
  21. Just had a call from Halfords, they can't do a report so are refunding the charge for the diagnostic. Even though I said I need the report they offered another diagnostic or refund.
  22. Hi spoke to Halfords on Monday and chased up again. They are awaiting a response from the hub regarding a report. I've put in an official complaint so should hear back today. Will update as soon as I have news.
  23. Ok ill try Halfords tomorrow. Yes I've got email confirmation of the booking and paid by debit card. Will update once I find out. Thank you
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