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  1. hi Stu haven't heard anything yet, I'm going to send a separate printed subject access request cheers Barry
  2. Hi Stu yes I lodged the complaint yesterday evening, heres a copy of what I said (probably not the best) Barry Bullard address removed I wish to make a formal complaint about the following :- 1 On 26/07/2021 Wandle housing were taking me to court over rent arrears however, the case was withdrawn as all rent was paid, I’m not sure when it was withdrawn as the person didn’t contact me to inform me of this, this caused me ongoing stress and time wasted seeking legal advice. 2 Court Fees I realised I would incur court fees, however my housing officer decided to take these fees from the money I’d paid into my rent account, at that time I was £410.56 in credit, the reason I was in credit was because I’d just started a new job and wasn’t sure when I’d be paid, also my housing officer (Olivia Abroampa) didn’t inform me about the removal of this money and I wouldn’t have realised unless I checked my rent statement, this money was removed on 22/07/2021, before the court case was due to be heard, this is an excerpt from an email from Ms Abroampa on 30/03/221, Secondly the court cost of £325 does not show on your main rent account, a sub-account is created for that. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I hope this answers all your queries. Kind Regards Olivia Abroampa Income Officer I’ve never seen a sub account on my rent statements so I’d like full clarification of this sub account I would also like Customer Service/Charter Policy (not the leaflet) Rent & Service Charge Policy (not the leaflet) Rent Arrears Policy (not the leaflet) I also require an SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST (containing all data) Yours sincerely Barry Bullard
  3. sorry Stu, should have made it clearer, the email mentioning the sub account was a while before they removed the money from my rent account, this is from 06/08, after they removed the money "Thank you for your email, pertaining to court cost, it is the tenant’s cost to bear once the matter is referred to court and this was clearly stated in all our letters that was sent to you before you received the court hearing documents from Wandle and the Courts. Even though you cleared the arrears, you are still liable for the court cost and that is the evidence we gave to the court duty solicitor advising of this. A separate account was created however when a credit becomes available on the main rent account this is debited for any sub accounts that has any arrears on there, if this is not done, anytime you fall behind in your rent account Wandle can reactivate the court case within 12 months without serving you another Notice of Seeking Possession documents due to the court cost on your account." this wasn't said when the sub account was mentioned in the previous email, I will be starting a formal complain this evening thanks (again) Barry
  4. Hi thanks for the reply, I did realise there would be costs of £325.00 and I made an offer of this at £5 per (20 per month) this is an extract from an email from my housing officer "hi olivia this is from 30th March at 14.43, well it is showing on my main rent account and I will be formally complaining about it sincerely barry" "Dear Mr XXXXXX, Thank you for your email, I have attached rent statement from 1st September 2020 for your kind attention. On the rent statement it shows a bulk payment of £1,472.96, that is inclusive of the £800.00 you paid on that day. Secondly the court cost of £325 does not show on your main rent account, a sub-account is created for that. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I hope this answers all your queries. Kind Regards Olivia Abroampa Income Officer Tel: 0300 2000 120 www.wandle.com " also what is a Subject access request and what would it be concerning, sorry just a bit confused, also I wasn't informed they'd taken the money from my rent account it's only when I went online and noticed I was again heading for arrears, I was only in advance as I was starting a new job and wasn't sure when I'd be paid and wanted to avoid getting in arrears many thanks Barr
  5. hi as I said, it didn't get to county court the housing association withdrew the action as I'd repaid the arrears, my question concerns whether it's legal to remove money from my rent account to pay the court fees which all housing association's and councils charge, (possession order under ground 10 and ground 11) thanks Barry
  6. Hi, sorry if I'm in the wrong forum but it all stems from a rent debt in April this year I was £1500 in arrears with wandle housing association, I cleared this and was in credit before it came to court, I didn't realise the case was withdrawn until I used the duty solicitor on the day as wandle didn't inform me, since then wandle have removed £325.00 from my rent account to pay the court costs, again without getting in touch with me, just wondered if this is legal as I paid this money to my rent account which should have nothing to do with anything else, thanks Barry
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