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  1. I appreciate the responses. Not so keen on having the topic title changed on my behalf. I think my original was "Bristol Airport - No stopping fine"
  2. Hello all. I drove to Bristol Airport a few weeks back to pick up my sister and family who were returning from a weekend away. As I was driving to the car park I stopped at a zebra crossing to allow some pedestrians to cross. My sister and her family happened to be crossing so she opened the door to get in. I told her that I couldn't stop here and that I need to pick her up from the car park. She closed the door and walked to the ANR controlled car park (presumably run by the same firm?) where I picked them up, we paid and left. To be clear: I did not drop off nor pick up any passengers. My sister attempted to get in but I told her I couldn't pick them up here and we had to meet in the car park. A while later I was disappointed, frustrated, and quite frankly pissed off when I received a charge notice in the post. I appealed thinking that would be the end of it but have just been sent this email: I now have 2 options. 1 - Pay the "charge" 2 - Appeal to an organisation called the Independent Appeals Service (IAS) AKA United trade and industry Limited AKA The Independent Parking Committee (IPC) AKA The Independent Parking Community (IPC) AKA Training and Development Academy (TDA) I don't fancy option 1 because I don't believe I've done anything wrong. I don't have much faith in option 2 mostly because their cookie policy and privacy policy on their website don't fill me with confidence that they are a) are in independent ombudsman or b) totally compliant with GDPR. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Burdened in Bristol.
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