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  1. Hi There, I'm out of the country at present so don't have the details to hand, I'm back home next weekend so I'll update then with the information I have. Thanks
  2. I don’t owe three any money, I currently have 4 fully paid up accounts with three. Lowell sent me my statements of this old account and they aren’t showing any money owed until a rogue invoice 6 months after the account had closed which didn’t appear to relate to anything. I have explained this to Lowell countless times but they ignore my correspondence. I’m not actually trying to get money out of them, I just want this incorrect data removed. If I actually owed it I’d happily pay but I don’t. Im hoping at some point someone at Lowell with some common sense will actually look at the case and realise it’s an error. I hoped if they had a potential hearing to attend it might push someone to act
  3. Oh, many thanks! I googled and couldn’t find anything. As long as they can’t simply avoid the case.
  4. Lowell have been showing false information related to a non existent debt on my credit file for years and although I have sent numerous requests for information and letter proving that I don't owen their client 'Three' any money they simply ignore me. The alleged debt is for £300 and out of desperation I sent them an invoice for £400 as a charge for advertising false information on my credit file telling them I would be charging this monthly until they remove the default. They wrote to me saying they did not recognise my invoice and they did not owen me any money, I wrote to them telling them that was pretty ironic as it's exactly the same situation as they have me in! I then issued a claim against them in the county court but I notice they have filed a defence and it also says A bar was put in place for Lowell Solicitors Anyone know what that means?? Surely they don't have ultimate power over the courts to stop people taking them to court??
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