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  1. Just need some advice on this one. Had a conservatory built by a local company and am fairly happy with the general build. Not sure if the conservatory was built in the right order however as framework/glass was installed before building works were finished and are still waiting for a drain hopper (cover) to be installed. Most of the contracted trades involved have generally done a good job to a decent finish. However the frame installation team employed by the company themselves have not finished some of the sealant to a good standard and some of the sealant has split allowing moisture to seep inside onto newly plastered walls. We also have a full skip and plastic waste from our old conservatory placed on council land waiting for collection and just causing an inconvenience in general. We split the payment for the build in half with 2 cash payments to be paid at certain stages of the build and the other half to be paid via finance. With 1 cash payment made we are now holding back the 2nd payment and sign off of build as we are unhappy with sealant splitting and now the company involved seem to have put us to the bottom of their priority list and are just refusing to call back with any time line as to when this issue will be rectified. Because of their failure to contact us we have no idea as to when the build will be finished which to be honest is ridiculous baring in mind its only minor finishing bits and pieces which need rectifying so just need some advice as where we stand legally with holding back 2nd cash payment. One of the reasons we chose this company was the fact that they give a 20 year warranty on the whole build but i now have serious doubts as to whether they will bother to rectify any future problems which is a big worry. Any advice would be gratefully received.
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