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  1. Thanks, I have had some advice but I just worry a bit about the repercussions of simply stopping paying. Im hoping to have it all off my file within the next 12 months and breath a bit easier
  2. Morning, I have around £35K of debt to 6 companies, 5 are credit cards and 1 was overdraft. They are all on a self managed repayments where I am making token payments each month. They are owned by Link, Intrum, Arvarto and others. The first of defaults is approaching 6 years in September with them all being 6 years by September next year. My question is, I am in a position soon to offer some settlements. The only firm that actually without asking is Intrum who often write offering to settle for 20%. What sort of figures are realistic? By the way I have not asked yet for CCA's I intend doing that this month. Thanks,
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