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  1. Thanks for the reply. They did get notified as soon as possible. I did enter the details on isitnicked.com right after it was stolen to report it on there and thats when I found out there was something wrong. I then entered the original and thats when my details did come up correctly. I then notified the police right away of the error. The police have now filed my case and there will be no further investigation as it hasn't been found yet.
  2. My car got stolen yesterday with my private plates on it. I was totally unaware that the garage I bought the car from hadn't changed the registration plate over from the old one to the private one which he said he would do. I only found this out when the police ran my private plate and it didn't come up with anything. So I gave them the original plate and then the details came up. The car is insured as the private registration on my car insurance policy. I haven't received the v5 yet as I only got the car 3 weeks ago. So I'm assuming when I get the v5 it will be in the original plate number not the private one. Will this void my insurance although the actual vehicle is insured and shows as insured on the MID website?
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