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  1. Thanks again for the replies. For now we have to wait for the court date and hope. One final question, the NIP notice of the Police sent detailed the speeding prosecution, can the Police / CPS change this?
  2. Thanks for the replies, as a parent this is not much fun to go through. We have given the guidance don't speed, and if you do keep under 90MPH. I was shocked by the speed on the NIP form. I do know he would not have been the only car doing this speed at that time. I can confirm he was driving a car. I agree that the ban will in some ways help him, further to this he is still alive and nobody obviously has been hurt.
  3. My son (19) has been caught by camera van @ 140 MPH on a motorway. He is a relatively new driver holding his license for only 12 months, he is insured etc. We received the NIP from the Police and are now waiting for prosecution. I'm not even going to try to defend such a speed which is impossible, I can only put this down to being young. Is there any guidance anyone can provide on what the court will do in this situation?
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