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  1. Got the title. This was definitely done by the bank and not a CA. Interim charging order dated 24 May 2010 in favour of Royal Bank of Scotland Plc T/A Mint. You asked about the date the charge was attained. Does that bear any consequence? I'll get on to the SAR and also query the courts for the documents. I clicked on SAR in your comment above but nothing happened, was it supposed to be a link?
  2. I'll have to check that it is indeed RBS on the charge. This came up when I divorced a couple of years ago and I just didn't have the emotional or mental energy to chase it down back then. As an unsecured debt do RBS (or a DCA) have the right to lodge it against the property? For the SAR, do I make a request to the court AND to RBS separately? Is there any template available on what to ask for or is it simply a case of asking for everything to do with my name. Is there a time limit that they have to get back to me with the info? I seem to recall a 30 day period for a company to send info. If there is a timeframe and they don't heed it, what are the options there? Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I understand what I'm asking for and how so I'm sure I get all the info I need to figure out next steps. Thanks for your help and advice already, I appreciate you!
  3. I took out an unsecured personal loan with Mint (Royal Bank of Scotland) in 2006. Later that year I moved overseas. I own and rented out my property in the UK. During the financial crisis I hit hard times and defaulted on the loan. I had updated RBS with my contact details overseas but it has transpired that they obtained a CCJ and then placing a lean on my property with the Land Registry. I did not know about this until recently. Some initial investigation tells me that RBS or their solicitors sent/served all court documents or demand letters to the property in the UK where they knew I did not reside. I've just looked into shifting my mortgage and can't do that with this entry. It's for about five thousand pounds. I want to query if anyone knows whether I can get the registry entry removed on the basis that I was not served and how I'd go about that? I have none of the documents from Mint but I know I'm past the statute of limitations now and I'm wary of getting in touch with a request for any and all information about this in case they deem it an acknowledgement that I owe the debt? I would expect they would have some record of my communication as to my change of address. I also had a credit card address with them at the time and have some old documents posted to my overseas address that can verify I did communicate with the company as to my overseas status and address. I think with the CCJ on the loan they were up to skullduggery so I would not defend it. Past having the land registry entry removed, I wondered about getting the debt vacated. When I was struggling with the debt around 2009 I sought advice on here on what could be done and I seem to recall an issue with banks having invalid contracts around 2006-2009. In short, the contracts were void and I think the advice was that they couldn't enforce. I can't recall if that was correct and I wondered if anyone on here knows what that was about? I'm also wondering if I should just make a complaint to the financial ombudsman and see if they can resolve the issue? I had a complaint in against my Mint card with them in about 2011 regarding a declined chargeback request which got resolved quite quickly, I got the view that the complaint and the amount (also about five grand) wasn't worth their time and so they offered a refund on the amount. Many thanks for your advice!
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