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  1. Thankyou for helping me with this … so , I’ve done some searching and found the warranty ! But, as the 6 months has ended I can’t download the documents ! So I’m going to contact them and see if they will send me them again. No I didn’t pay extra for the warranty it came as part of the deal
  2. Roughly it’s only done about 200 miles since I’ve had it . It was a cash loan and then we bought the car with the cash .
  3. Had the cam belt changed before we collected it on 3.12.2020. We stated we never had a warranty and he said oh it should’ve been emailed to you. But I never had it. Fault is , when driving in auto it switched into manual ( which has only 3 gears ) when you turn ignition off them back on it goes back into auto but happens again after a while and on the display it says check gearbox and a spanner comes up. We took it back to garage they drove round in it all week apparently and it never happened, we had it back and then it then started juddering and cutting out completely and i took pics this time of the error message . Took it back to garage and he said it was the actuator. The car is still at the garage as not sure how to process further . My partner took out a loan for the car but paid on his card . 67,611 miles when bought and I’ve hardly driven it .
  4. Bought it 3.12.2020 it was a Renault Modus 2007 plate. Paid £2495 and we had the cam belt changed for another £240 aswell Bought from Bells Garage in Kidderminster. He said it was the gearbox hydraulic pump or the actuator or something .
  5. Bought a used car within the warranty period it developed a fault . Car garage took it back but couldn’t find fault so we had it back and it was still there along with another fault, took it back along with photo evidence this time. Garage owner said part is expensive he looking for second hand one to keep our cost down as our warranty don’t cover automatic gearboxes . We never had the warranty emailed to us ! Now he is saying it’s too expensive best thing is for him to take it to auction and sell it as seen at a loss and he will buy us another one ! How should I proceed ? Feel conned
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