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  1. I've put a link to this thread up in the FB group. This is the reply I received from the administrators on Monday. Apparently the email address has since been closed Tonik Energy Limited – in Administration (“the Company”) Thank you for your email in relation to the Company and please accept our apologies for any distress caused. Unfortunately, we do not have access to customer records and are unable to recalculate any bills. Therefore, any dispute of your final bill should be directed to Credit Style who are in a position to discuss this with you and resolve your query. If you would like to contact Credit Style directly their number is 0330 045 0650, should you wish to contact them by email please do so at [email protected] We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this process. Kind regards, For and on behalf of Tonik Energy (in Administration)
  2. Joint Administrators of Tonik Energy Limited I had emailed the administrators, but just got back a reply saying they don't have access to customer records. I didn't specify an SAR though
  3. So I'm one of many people having an absolute nightmare trying to resolve the mess left behind from Tonik Energy going into adminstration last year. Ofgem appointed Scottish Power as the SoLR, but only for those still under contract. We're now starting to receive letters from a company called Credit Style, demanding payments for accounts that were settled before Tonik went into administration, or final bills that have been incorrectly calculated. Im some cases the amounts owed change when Credit Style are questioned. The Tonik website got shut down, so we have no way of accessing our online billing for proof. We've contacted CAB, who tell us to contact the Ombudsman, who then tell us to contact Ofgem. I'm sure you can guess who Ofgem tell us to contact. We've even tried to contact the administrators, but we just just get generic replies about contacting Credit Style. One member of our FB group contacted the FCA, but they can't help either. We're just going round in circles now and feel there's no protection for the consumer when these businesses cease trading. Any suggestions on where to turn now? Some of the people in our FB group are really worried. There's probably hundreds more who are receiving these letters and with nowhere to turn TonikEnergyComplaints WWW.FACEBOOK.COM Share your complaints in this group about Tonik Energy.
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