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  1. Thanks .. I didn't read this bit on the claim form So it reads like they get 14 days to respond with anything, if they dont you can apply for judgement. If they do respond with something (anything) then they get 28 days. 30/10 I will apply for judgement. Assuming they don't come back with anything in the meantime.
  2. According to the claim form the service date is 5 days after issue date so that would be 2/10 which they ack'd on 4/10 meaning I can apply for judgement (28 days later ) on 30/10 - is that right? When I try to obtain judgement today I get this info: That reads as if I can claim judgement 14 days after the service date, which would mean i can apply on 16/10 ... I had put in my diary to apply for judgement this Sunday - presumably for this reason. ZERO intention of hanging around
  3. So this has been the only activity on the MCOL website, anything I need to do? Doesn't seem so. Thanks!
  4. Item sold for £750, but I only saw £654 of that after fees (what I actually lost out on). I mention it becuase on eBay invoices etc.. the £750 is mentioned. If it's not needed, I'll just declare the value as £654. Thanks!
  5. "I'm seeking £629 + interest + court fees of £70." ...from my letter of claim to Hermes: Value of item = £654 (£750 less eBay fees) Postage = £5.65 Packink sent me £5.65 + £25 So my loss is £629 + interest + the £70 MCOL fee Thanks!
  6. Time to complete the moneyclaim part as there has been no response from Hermes. Draft particulars of claim below Let me know what you think, thank you!!
  7. Sorry for the delay, I was emailing [email protected] and I was getting (slow) responses. No use of course, but they did respond
  8. In their email response to me they said, and I quote: "In terms of your question regarding your 'Rights of third parties act 1999' we are not able to deal with any companies bookings under Hermes, for delivery/collection, these companies all wish to to deal with all their own customer." Thanks for claification. Particulars of claim are for the moneyclaim bit right?
  9. Awesome, I always waffle. Presumably I can keep the fact that they lied about 3rd party rights for the claim itself should it go to court? Or is it just superfluous? Thanks!
  10. So sorry for the delay, life has been nuts. Had some back and forth with Hermes and Packlink send me £25+postage but nothing fruitful - time for letter of claim. My draft below and feedback appreciated! Many thanks again!!!
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