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  1. Safestore Notting Hill This storage company in my view should be prevented from operating in this area as they are completely unfit for purpose. Recently they had been flooded and not for the first time! This caused many many thousands of pound of damage most of which was due to their lack of management in dealing with the situation and adding insult to injury to their long suffering customers. They informed customers of the flood days after the event, under insured many customers for their belonging showing zero duty of care and with a none existent "Im alright Jack" mentality customer care. Many many people have lost an enormous amount of their valuable belongings to which the response of the company is contemptible. I would strong recommend to whoever has been effected to take out direct legal action against this despicable company. And anyone looking to use their service to look elsewhere. This has been terrible experience with a company who can only be described as cowboys
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