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  1. Hi i sent a letter of action to both hermes and packlink yesterday i was going to up date it as morning but have just had the following email they have got postage amount wrong as with insurance it cost another £2 im not going to lose sleep over that here is there reply. 29-07-2021 The compensation claim for loss of the shipment order number in favour of name has been accepted. CONCEPT AMOUNT PAID VIA ✚ Goods Compensation £48 PayPal ✚ Postage cost refund £3.20+VAT Same payment used to pay the label The compensation will be paid to the account you have indicated in your claim form as below. Account PayPal my email address Postage cost refund (credit card or PayPal) We will be using the same payment method used to pay for the label With this settlement letter, all future legal obligations against us are satisfied. The customer shall be deemed to notify to PACKLINK SHIPPING, S.L. if proceeds, the fact that lost shipment has been located and to refund the compensation paid by PACKLINK SHIPPING, S.L. In the event of such a breach, PACKLINK reserves the right to take legal proceedings against you, in order to recover the above concepts. Thanks for the cooperation. When am I receiving the compensation? Goods compensation amount will be paid via PayPal on 03-08-2021. The postage cost refund has been issued today 29-07-2021 on the same payment method used to pay for the label.
  2. Hi i have just had the following from packlink. 🗂 TAMPERING :Investigation complete hermes_uk, Dear After completing the investigation with the carrier the shipment has been confirmed as subject to tampering. I am writing to let you know that the dossier has been transferred to the Claims department for the final evaluation. PACKLINK ORDER: SHIPPING LABEL: CARRIER NAME: hermes_uk CLAIM TYPE: TAMPERING CLAIM STATUS: Investigation complete/Transferred to claims department What happens now, when I will receive the compensation? The Claim Department will now analyse the documents and evidence provided and give you an answer as soon as possible. From this communication we aim to settle to your claim within 30 days. In Packlink we do everything we can to resolve all the claims with the insurance company and/or the carrier as quickly as possible. However, keep in mind we need to contact the carrier to verify the liability for the incident, and to report the outcome and/or respective liquidation of the case. Do I need to provide additional documentation? If you have submitted all the documentation correctly though the claim form, no further action are required. All relevant updates will be provided though this email thread. If the documentation you attached to the claim form is incomplete or incorrect the claims department will reach out to require additional documentation to process your claim, below there is a reminder of the mandatory information needed to process a claim. PROOF OF VALUE In order to handle the claim, it is necessary to include in the claim form online: ➡ eBay Sale Record: Go to your paid and dispatched item, then sales record and attach a screenshot of the sale record, in which the sale price and buyer's name are visible. ➡ PayPal Transaction Confirmation: If your item was paid through PayPal, attach a screenshot of the PayPal transaction, in which the sale price and the buyer's name are visible. PHOTOGRAPHS FOR DAMAGE or TAMPERING In case of damage or tampering, the Claim Form will instruct you to attach 4 photographs of the package and the goods with the following characteristics: Photograph of the damaged goods and not just a single close up. Photograph of the goods as it arrived packaged in its respective internal packaging that protected it during transport. Photograph of the entire package as it arrived on delivery so that the package can be seen in its entirety and with the carrier’s label visible ➡ Since you have to attach the documentation to the Claim Form, we recommend you prepare this type of documentation beforehand so that you can fill in the online claim faster. OBLIGATORY CONSERVATION OF THE PACKAGING In cases of damage and/or tampering, the packaging and the goods must always be kept in case of possible expert examination until the acceptance and/or resolution of the case. On certain occasions, the carrier, claims office or the insurance company may request more photographs either the package or the goods after the investigation has started, or an onsite examination. TIMING FOR THE OPENING OF THE CLAIM FOR DAMAGE o TAMPERING It is possible to open a claim case for tampering within thirty (30) calendar days from the dispatch date of the shipment. Riza Claims Specialist eBay Delivery powered by Packlink
  3. Should i wait packlinks reply first also is there any sample letters i could use. ?
  4. Had a reply from hermes Dear Andrew, Parcel – Number Thank you for contacting our CEO, Martijn De Lange. My name is Naman and Martijn has personally asked me to investigate this matter on his behalf. We’re 100% dedicated to ensuring every parcel arrives safely, but unfortunately on this occasion the courier has not met the standard of delivery we expect from them. I am sincerely sorry your customer has received an empty box instead of the items you posted through us. You have been advised to claim via packlink and us which is incorrected. I understand this can be quite frustrating and if I were in your shoes, I would feel the same way. I have shared details with your local delivery team, to address this as an urgent issue and prevent it happening again. The courier will be placed under review to ensure all deliveries are made to a professional standard moving forward. I can see that your parcel was booked through Packlink who use our network to send their parcels through, but they are an independent company and your enquiry will need to go directly to them, so they can discuss the options available to you for your parcel. If you need anything in the future, please contact your Hermes Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help. Kind Regards,
  5. I managed to file with hermes in the end had to say it was not delivered rather than delivered tampered but i wrote a lengthy letter to explain full case and i now have a case number no also had email to say they was looking into it just wait now see how it goes.
  6. thanks i have tried that i enter tracking number and postcode then state damage or lost and it tells be to contact packlink how are you getting on in yours
  7. fmj can i ask please how you contacted hermes i am in the same boat and unable to find any useful details.
  8. I will do i have been trying to find some way of filing with hermes direct all morning its an automated contact us when i get through to report issue it tells me to contact packlink i will phone them as morning.
  9. when i booked it through ebay it gave me a price for standard insurance cover but there was another check box to pay the extra to cover the full amount which is the one i picked.
  10. Hi thanks i will notify hermes themselves straight away and start reading the other posts.
  11. Hi hope you can help i sold a couple of hard drives in single auctions via ebay value £48, booked delivery via ebays packlink sent hermes, within an hour of it being delivered i got the following message from the buyer. Parcel arrived but is empty. I have not opened it but I can tell there is no hard drive in there, it is light as a feather. Do you want me to open the box before I request refund? I have spoken to ebay and nothing i can really do about it so he has opened a return i made him send me the following statement as i will be taking action. (his name and address.) The parcel you sent me is I think empty or does not contain a hard drive. It only weight just over 100 grammes do cannot contain a hard drive, which was expected. For this reason I am processing a refund. i filed with packlink yesterday lots of emails back and forth their reply. With this email we confirm to have opened a formal investigation for tampering/missing content/theft. With the data you provided to us, the carrier will open an investigation and confirm the outcome to us. Take into account that this type investigation requires the coordination of different participants involved (driver, depot, warehouse, carrier's local offices), so it might be necessary to wait for a response from the different parties involved, before being able to provide you with an answer. Now having read various accounts of packlink i do not hold out much luck of anything positive coming from it what next steps should i take is this worth pursuing what should i do next. Thank you for taking the time to read i also attach a photo he sent me. back1-converted.pdf
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