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  1. Yes I contacted Kuwait ministry of education with no reply, not being in Kuwait means I cannot physically go to the ministry which is what most people have recommended. I will write to the bank and provide them with up do date details. does anyone know of any claims that been filed in England and what the process is?
  2. I am in the U.K., I have recieved letters from a law firm called ward Hadaway demanding the money in dollars (which I thought was strange as the debt is in kuwaiti dinars). My issue is that the bank first gives these credit cards without any application on the basis and security that if the debt is not paid then expats indemity/end of service pay would cover the debt but if the company I worked for did not pay me my salaries during the pandemic or my end of service then how can I cover the debt? expats have very little rights in Kuwait but if a claim was bought in a U.K. court I would want to defend the claim by stating how these banks are breaking laws with expats. I had to use the credit card because I wasn’t being paid. The company I worked for is now refusing to give me a professional reference even though they have said I was good at my job. The senior leader however has said she doesn’t like the fact I left so won’t give me a reference, which means I am having difficulty getting a job here!!! Not understanding that this was a form of constructive dismissal as they were not paying me and forcing me to continue working and refusing to help me get my children’s visa. In the end I left because I had to be with my children. will a claim be bought in a U.K. court and can I defend it?
  3. Can anyone help with information about nBK bank in Kuwait chasing me for debt, I had to leave my job as my children could not enter the country during the pandemic and did not recieve my indemnity pay from my company and therefore could not pay my credit card. Can the debt be enforced in the U.K.?
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