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  1. Understood dx! That comment nearly made me spit my tea out! I'll just keep an eye out for any letters coming through the post. My lake is calm again.. Thanks
  2. Hi dx Tried ringing earlier on and there is no record of my customer reference number which was on the D10 form. Tried registering on the Gov slc website but no luck. Looks like it must be an old loan which they don't have the details for any longer.
  3. Thankd dx. I tried logging on but as I've never used the portal it looks like I'm not registered to use the service. Just thinking on. The D10 form that I filled in on 08/13 may not have even got to deferred status. I only signed it and didn't fill anything else in such as proof of income etc. I'd imagine they would have wanted some further information and from the very pit of my memory I do seem to recall receiving a letter requesting this. However, I can't be sure, but I know I wouldn't have filled it in. Maybe Erudio have used this D10 form, claiming it was deferred when it wasn't. Is it OK to ring the SLC to find out when I last deferred?! I'd presume it is as the debt isn't with them any longer? I just don't want to put my foot in it! Great information on here by the way. Fantastic site. Cheers
  4. That's great dx cheers. I'll keep swotting up on here to prepare myself. I think the last letter that they sent was to see if they could trap me into setting up a payment plan with them. I'll just wait to see what they do on their side first. thanks so much.
  5. Hi All, To give a brief summary of the drama, I have 2 old student loans taken out /signed for on 27/02/96 and 17/07/96. Both totalling just over 3k. Some years deferred, some years didn't and paid the minimum payment. Moved around a great deal and lost contact. The last time I deferred and filled the D10 form in was 19/08/13 with SLC. Then Erudio took over and I received their Notice Of Assignment on 02/04/14. Ignored everything after this. No contact, no payments, nothing. Then came Dryden Fairfax who's letters I ignored thinking it was just a DCA. Then a court claim came on 03/06/2019 which made me sit up a little! I had a read up and came to the conclusion the debt must be SB'd so I submitted my defence within the time limit. My defence was mainly on SB grounds and that I had no dealings nor signed any paperwork with Erudio. The total amount claimed was £4969.25. The court confirmed they had received my defence. I have checked on the MOC website and the defence submission by myself was the last activity. 2 YEARS LATER! (07/21)I receive another letter from Drydenfairfax. They claim in a nutshell that my limitation defence had no merit. This is due to the deferment being August 2013 and the claim was issued on 03/06/2019. They state that they require payment by Aug 2nd or arrange a payment plan which may be formalised by means of a tomlin order. They then go on to state that they will have no alternative but to apply to the court to lift the stay on the proceedings without further notice. They say that such an application will include an application for summary judgment. Their letter included the D10 deferment from Aug2013, my two credit agreements (both of which are illegible and have amendments to my name. One of which is addressed to the college). And their notice of assignment letter. So I'm presuming that the claim is stayed by the court as nothing has happened. I have no searches or judgments on my credit report. It's squeaky clean! I'm just really wondering where to go next with this? My thoughts are just to wait for any letters. Ignore everything from DrydenFairfax and just submit another defence of statute barred if I receive anything else from the court, as this looks like it was accepted first time round. Surely it must be quite difficult to get a stay lifted too. I'm assuming too that the debt was statute barred or if the claim date has stopped the clock. If so, what about the two years of no contact by Fairfax? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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