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  1. hi yes, that was my bothers user name and post. l will upload the rest asap , thankyou
  2. hi here's the letter that I have received from Mortimer Clark Mortimer Clark full letter.pdf
  3. my last payment was made on 06/2013 I will upload the letter asap thankyou
  4. hi l have never posted on this forum, I have only read my brother who lived with me posted quite a few times but he passed away a few years back. Mortimer Clark sent the summons to me in 2017.
  5. Hi all I wonder if you help me please I defaulted on a personal loan in 2007, and entered (stupidly) into a very low repayment to a credit collector (Cabot) in which l paid for a few years. I then came across this website and with some great advice from you all I stopped paying. Cabot then instructed Mortimer Clark to issue a summons against me in 2017. I then submitted my “prove it letter” as my defence. Subsequently the summons was then stopped or stayed by the court as the Cabot failed to respond to my defence. I have now not heard anything for over 4 years and now Mortimer Clark have supplied me with the details of my loan. The original loan is now statue barred but Mortimer Clark wants to lift the stay on the summons and has said that the summons is not statue barred. I am retired, wheelchair bound and on income support so paying nearly £5000 would be impossible. Any advice please?
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