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  1. The balance left is for £11,500 and it was just an unsecured personal loan.
  2. I would like it removed as I am wondering whether if it is affecting my credit score with it being still active. Also I am wanting to remortgage and it will not help my cause. I did originally ask Barclays if they would remove it, but they said no - should I ask if they have a credit agreement? And why is it still showing if I have made no payments? The balance remains the same month after month, year after year.
  3. I took out an unsecured loan in 2006 with Barclays and due to financial problems stopped payments in 2008. I am trying to get my credit report in order and noticed that they are still reporting on it as OK. I recently sent an SAR to Barclays and all they have provided me with is a handful of arrears notice letters dated 2008. I really want to get this entry removed from my credit file - what do you suggest? Any help appreciated.
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