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  1. Just wanted to update, I didn't hear anything from them in regards to the letter of claim, but I sent it 1st class signed for so I have proof that it was delivered to them. I submitted the claim on day 15 and have now received an acknowledgement of service, as expected they are going to defend all of the claim. Looking forward to being told it's my fault for not taking out insurance and arguing with the mediator for a while. I'll give an update once I have received their defence, thanks for the help so far.
  2. Hermes finally replied. As expected they won’t refund the full amount as I didn’t take out their insurance. I have also received my £26.70 compensation that they so generously offered.
  3. A complaint has been sent to Hermes, and I have drafted my letter of claim as well as particulars of claim for when they're needed. Hermes Letter of Claim.pdf Particulars of Claim.pdf
  4. I bought the laptop through Wowcher, who were selling the offer on behalf of Megamax Marketing. I wanted a refund for it as the battery doesn’t last long and I couldn’t use it as the software is really old, which I wasn’t made aware of at the time. My understanding of the process is that my next step will be to send Hermes a letter of claim (currently drafting) stating they have 14 days to give me a satisfactory reply or I will take them to the small claims court. I need to write my particulates of claim ready to send through on day 15. Then prepare to go through mediation and not let Hermes get away with not paying the full cost of the item, postage and fees. If Hermes do pay then I won’t be out of pocket, so that will be the end of this.
  5. I wanted to send a laptop back for a refund and chose to go through Hermes as they offered the best rate for the size of the parcel. I chose not to get it insured as I'd heard about it not being enforceable and a waste of money, especially as it only covered up to £300. After sending it off I was contacted by the laptop company saying that I need to get it back as the address they had listed on their website is no longer where they are based. I got in contact with Hermes straight away (same day) to try to resolve this. Parcel was sent off on the 24th of June, it was out for delivery on the 28th or 29th so I called Hermes and they were able to contact the courier to stop him delivering it, I was assured my parcel would be with me within a week. I checked the tracking on the 2nd and it said the parcel had been delivered to the neighbour of the address on the parcel, I called them as soon as I saw it and they raised it with depo for someone to collect the parcel and send it back to me, I have confirmation that it was retrieved and returned to depo on the 6th. I then checked tracking again and it had been redelivered to the same address on the 8th so I contacted them as soon as I found out, and they had to raise it with the depo once again. I didn't hear anything from them for a few days so I called on the 20th and they told me they had lost it and would send me a claims form and that I would get the value of my parcel as well as postage costs returned to me. My claim has been approved today but they are only offering me £20 for the laptop, plus the £6.80 postage fee. I needed to have this parcel sent off to the retailer by the 16th as that was my last day of being eligible for a refund, and because of Hermes's series of mess ups I wasn't able to meet this deadline and have now lost out on £408.99. Is there anything I can do to get the rest of the money back?
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