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  1. Many thanks again to both. @unclebulgaria67interest was something I did consider - however even if it was to develop into a court case - surely I’d have jurisdiction on my side or indeed a valid argument to pay back the original capital owed sans any interest accrued? @dx100ukI did see you refer to this point of the Scottish court system in an earlier post and this is duly noted. My concern here is that I don’t want to be limited in my future plans to relocate to England and then worry about being under different jurisdiction. Whilst I certainly haven’t read of them returning back once again at a later date to pursue a debt via a DCA they might have initially left - perhaps if / once they realised that I had changed address to the south of the border they could come after me on more favourable terms. Seems like a hassle to be watching my back for 15 years until it becomes SB.
  2. Hi All. Firstly I want to pay tribute and saw a massive thank you to the regular posters / admins on this site. Really going above and beyond the call of duty and the help I’ve had - even from afar - has been invaluable. I won’t bore you with details: my case isn’t different to any other. Made redundant in the pandemic and left without paying a £10k credit card. IDRWW have now been given access to my address and email (ignoring all). I’m still relatively young living back in Scotland with my parents with zero assets and if I’m honest I can’t be bothered with the constant hassle / the risk of having any kind of potential CCJ or court case down the line that could negatively affect my chances of ever getting a mortgage here. Therefore my plans is to email every head honcho I can find directly at FAB and annoy them with my pleas for a payment plan. I was wondering if there was any legislation I might be able to include in my email now that I’m a UK resident protected by our laws that may entice them further in accepting say £100 per month for 5 years? I believe that if the court proceedings were to begin anyway - one of the mandates would be that everything is done to come to a reasonable and positive solution between the two parties outside of court? Many thanks to one and all for your consideration and even your two cents if you have an opinion on the matter.
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