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  1. An update on this one. Barclaycard admit wrong default date. They have gave me £200 compensation for the impact this has had on my credit file and also reimbursed the interest + charges for the period also. Total reimbursement - £421. They have also removed the credit card from my credit file.
  2. Balance of £0 is September 2014. First time it is 6 months missed payments was June 2015. They then add an additional 6 in July 2015. Then in June 2016 they add the default. My argument is, if they defaulted after 6 missed payments in June 2016 why not default after 6 missed payments in June 2015. Doesn’t really make any sense to me.
  3. Thank you for your response. This is the only default on my file now and we are in a position to buy a property. Before contacting barclaycard, I just wanted some clarity. Seems weird how they add an additional 6 in the 7th month of missed payments but then default me after missing the 6 payments later on.
  4. Good evening. I have noticed a discrepancy on my credit file. I have a default on file that was paid off in full after they defaulted me. I hold my hands up and admit to the default, no issues there. The thing that's annoying me is it looks as though Barclaycard defaulted me 12 months too late? As you can see from the image attached, I should have defaulted around June or July 2015 but instead they defaulted me in June 2016. Looking at this, what chance have I got of getting this amended? I appreciate the 3-6 month default is only guidance but I feel they have done me over here. Can I please get some advice? Please see this image for the entries on my Experian file - Thanks in advance! credit file.pdf
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