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  1. I understand . I also noticed diffrent postcodes , thank you for advice . I noticed my bad review gone and dealer put good review using my name and city I came from , he is writting good reviews himself I think , how pathetic .
  2. I m on Money Claim website , been asked about name of organisation (claim is against organisation ?) German Car Shop is it enough name ?
  3. I didnt mention about action I m going to take. I will register on MCOL and do that.
  4. Today I left review about dealer and my very bad experience with him on website. He rang me angry started talking why I did it , as I accepted his settlment , I put phone down , then he tried ring me again from private number I didnt answer.
  5. Hi I have been prepairing documents . So at the moment there is no need to inform car dealer about stuff ? So I will be waiting for further instructions .
  6. I m not into Excel at all but will try my best . I m expecting the worst from Dealer , I think nothing will surprise me anymore , so I m ready for it .
  7. Thank you for explaining the story, BankFodder Brake calliper not brake cylinders Total bill yes around 2500 £ that including 330£ from dealer . I totally forgot I paid 70 pounds to the guy who took us from Hull to Leicester ( I dont have receipt for that ) Yes I still have messages .
  8. Hi I purchased car 5430 f on 22 may 2021 . Within week I discovered faults : vibration , rear brakes down to metal , no oil / filters provided as on advert .I got official report from garage . Dealer didnt accept that report. Apparently I bought on trade basis but I m not a trader . Dealer didn't agree for refund or repairs ( accused me of knowing MOT tester on personal basis so he rejected MOT results , telling me to go his chosen garage which was some kind of non accredited / non established garage on residential street ) In the end I did MOT at my chosen station which confirmed faulty brakes and vibrations which needed further investigations plus some part need replacing otherwise brakes will go to metal again very soon. Also recently I paid 3 hours labour 90 f to find out about reason and cost to repair vibrations. Before MOT repairs I accepted 330 pounds so called "goodwill gesture to end the matter" from dealer which I covered repair for brakes ( total bill 327 f plus 35 f mot ). I only accepted as dealer warned me when I contacted him deal is only valid till midnight and if I go to to court he will make himself available beginning next year the earliest. Dealer thinks its over but I believe he limited and restricted my customer rights - 30 days to reject faulty item by creating that settlement and tried avoid his responsibilities from the beginning. I m now look for some advice please
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