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  1. There is no need to ring court as today I received email about Mediation which is due 08.03.22.
  2. I know its open forum but for example the Car Dealer I bought car from is registered this forum and watching all conversation. But thats fine will stick to the rules .
  3. FTM Dave I m trying to send you private message but it it wont let me showing : "You cant reply to this conversation ". " Sorry you dont have access to this page " I dont know why is that.
  4. On 4th january I sent back Directions Questionare to court . I still havent heard from court . Shall I just carry on waiting for court response ?
  5. Thank you. "At which County Court hearing centre would you prefer the small claims hearing to take place and why ?" My response : I prefer at my local County Court becouse its close to me . Will be enough that to have it at my Court ?
  6. Thank you. So there is no need to fill anything online , Shall I just post it tomorrow and preaparing my defence ?
  7. Hello I have been away 3 weeks , today opened the post and there was " Notice of proposed Allocation to the small claims track " and a car dealer defence which like expected contains untrue information . I have to fill it by 10 january so by tomorrow ( maybe I can put little note that I wasnt able to check post for 3 weeks ) . Any advice highly appreciated. Adobe Scan 09 Jan 2022-1.pdf Adobe Scan 09 Jan 2022 (1)-1.pdf
  8. Can I get some help please , I m about to fill POC on MCOL . I m not sure what figures write below I presume I select Yes and then answer questions below : - Date money become owed to you - ? - Date you are issuing claim - will be today date - Claim amount - 2338£ - Daily rate of interest up to the date of judgment - ? You are required to give details of your claim in the box below. If you wish, you may also send detailed particulars direct to the defendant. If you need to do this, please tick here You must serve any additional documents on the defendant within 14 days after service of the claim form. Do you want to reserve the right to claim interest under the County Court Act? If yes please select 'yes' and complete the following fields. If you wish to claim interest under any other act or agreement please select 'no' and enter the full details of your interest agreement in the box below. Yes No Right to claim interest is required. If yes is selected, the relevant associated text will be automatically inserted in the claim particulars when the claim is submitted. Date money became owed to you (dd/mm/yyyy): Date you are issuing the claim (dd/mm/yyyy): Claim amount: £ Without interest. Daily rate of interest up to the date of judgment: £ Please enter the interest as an amount. If you are unsure how to calculate the rate of interest please refer to the user guide. A short statement (maximum 1080 characters) of what you are claiming for and why.
  9. Thank you. Loc was issued on 10.11.2021 so you are correct , run out on thursday.
  10. Thank you for your advice , highly appreciate. I m about to get on with above points , I already did first one.
  11. The claim is actually 2667£ not 2783 £ , it was my mistake . As there was so many expenses to add up. I sorted it out. Ofcourse I will add that deadline bit. Thanks
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