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  1. My concern is that if I don’t submit anything new the review will come back with the same response as my caseworker. I will go back to the police and do all I can but until others start making noises with the relevant people I’m going to be ignored..
  2. I spoke to Northumbria police regarding the info that was mentioned in a comment on another thread and they have said that is not one of their reference numbers and they do not investigate tax fraud. I was directed to Action Fraud which I called, who told me they could not discuss with me any connections between my case and others that may potentially be linked. I was told I would be contacted in due course….
  3. But it’s my opportunity to put forward what I’ve found out since, eg the link between FTR and the company I supposedly invested in
  4. Hi all, just a quick update….the MP came back to me and said that HMRC had acknowledged their request to suspend any collection of tax whilst they get a response from FOS. I have had an email regarding my review which is below. It states they haven’t been able to get hold of me on the phone which is rubbish, I’ve had no call at all. Also, it says it’s extending the period from 45 days to January 2022, is that normal? Review Letter.pdf
  5. Hi @dixon2094 No I wasn’t asked that question, I was told it was for expenses I hadn’t claimed but was entitled to which is why on my SAR HMRC note that I called in with regards to that. If they had mentioned a scheme I would have questioned it. So what did they tell you the scheme was?
  6. Hi Slick Yes I do, I also sent a copy to HMRC when they first contacted me, I gave copies of the email trails and texts.
  7. So, Dixon is correct these are the questions they ask on the initial email. What we need from you Who introduced you ? Name Full Address and postcode Date you moved into your address Date of birth Clear copies of your 2017/18 and 2018/19 P60 Mobile number National Insurance Number Have you been self employed before Y/N If yes Do you have unique tax reference number ? Do you have a government gateway account ? if Yes What is the gateway number and password
  8. Can I just say regarding what hmrc were told the rebate was for… I was told by FTR ltd that it was for expenses I hadn’t claimed on 3 tax years…I advised hmrc of that when I got my UTR number and it states that phone call on my SAR so if that’s what the rebate was for why did they pay out on the EIS?
  9. No, it’s the first time I’ve seen the website today. I’m guessing he has just as much involvement in the scam as the others.
  10. So, having a look online Easy Tax Claims Ltd even have a website asking the question ‘do you want to claim 33% of your tax back’ This is the same company that has Anthony McNabb as a director and has Alan O’Hara as a resigned director. How are they getting away with actually advertising their business on the internet whilst I am fighting with HMRC over paying back what FTR took?
  11. So I chased the local MP the other day and his assistant got back to me Please allow me to sincerely apologise for not getting back to you sooner – I have been on leave since last week. I know your correspondence has been passed to my colleague who was liaising with P to establish what the best course of action would be to take. I believe something has been sent to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), although there was a slight delay in sending something over on our part due to the high volume of correspondence the office has been receiving lately. The email was a polite request asking them to hold any action being taken to recover the monies owed until we receive advice from the FOS as to whether it would fall in their remit to investigate, as HMRC would not be responsible for investigating the misleading service provided to you by the accountancy service. I will discuss this with my colleague further when he is in the office on Monday and, hopefully, will be able to give you a clearer update on any action taken. Thank you for your patience and apologies again for the delay in replying.
  12. 1. 14th January 2020 2. 16th March 2020 and 21st April 2020 3. 16th March 2020
  13. I received £5380 FTR Ltd got £11560.86 HMRC want £16940.87 1. They contacted me, I believe someone I knew had had a rebate and gave my email address 2. Alan Maxwell of Maxwell Accountancy Ltd emailed me, then someone called Clare texted me 3. I was told it was for expenses I was entitled to but hadn’t claimed 4. I emailed my NI and 3 years P60’s 5. yes NI and yes UTR 6. No 7. No 8. No 9. No 10. No 11. No 12. No 13. No 14. No
  14. It says on each return ‘subscriptions for shares under the enterprise investment scheme’ £20000 £22000 £24000 it does say in other information ’other tax reliefs and deductions 2 -more information about your subscriptions under the enterprise investment scheme cryoblast’ Doesn’t mention FTR Limited. However there is a cryoblast solutions ltd on companies house and surprise who’s the director Alan Francis Ohara!
  15. So I have had the second part of my SAR which doesn’t tell me much more than the first part. All it has is screenshots of the returns submitted online I assume from FTR Ltd although they are not mentioned in any of it. Do you think FTR even had to quote the name of the Ltd Company I was supposedly investing in via the EIS? Do you think that because I got them the gateway password it matters to the HMRC who did those tax returns and that’s why they’re just going after me? It does say that they have the right redact certain information such as staff names etc but do you think they’re redacting FTR’s submissions? My mind is working overtime on this now.
  16. She’s says in her letter that she still upholds her decision, that I allowed a third party to submit tax returns so the responsibility lies with me to repay
  17. They’ve said the collection of tax has been suspended
  18. So my case seems to be gathering pace and I’m concerned I won’t have things in place to help me. I haven’t heard from either the local mp (after his aide confirmed he had received and read my email). So I had to request an independent review because my deadline was Friday 27th august. My case worker has replied the same day confirming that my case will now be reviewed, with the letter arriving yesterday by special delivery.
  19. Morning all, Response to my email the other day…. Thank you for your email. I have asked our Personal Tax team to review the information already sent and reply to you directly. Please note that the SAR request does not prevent or delay normal compliance activity. I intend to continue with my review and will monitor the position with regards to the response our Personal Tax team send you.
  20. I have put this response together, what do you think? I refer to my last email which was addressed to you and Christopher Beddow as that is who sent me the second part of my SAR and I explained that it was sent to you as I didn’t have an email address for Mr Beddow so I would assume you would have forwarded my email to him to answer my queries on the missing information. I specified very clearly what information I require, it does not undermine any of the HMRC compliance to provide me with the information on my personal tax file. I was sent only what I would find on any P60. I will clarify again what it is I require as follows:- You must provide me with copies of any and all information held including tax returns, submissions made and documents submitted on my behalf by Fast Tax Rebates Ltd, investments I have supposedly made and to which companies under EIS, calculations, file notes, memos sent or received. I would assume that any decisions regarding possible action made under your compliance review be on hold until I have received the information I require and am entitled to receive and time to seek advice of my own. Kind regards
  21. All that was on my SAR was the amount I earnt and the tax I paid on the tax years I had requested. No copies of the tax returns or what investments I supposedly made and to which company
  22. Hi - I have had a response to my SAR query from my case worker below Thank you for your email of 13 August 2021. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying which is due to my seeking technical advice. I can confirm that HMRC considers that disclosing the reasons why we open enquiries would undermine our compliance activity and would likely prejudice the assessment and collection of tax. As I mentioned before, this information is withheld under Schedule 2 of the Data Protection Act 2018: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2018/12/schedule/2/enacted. I also reaffirm that I consider I have sent you all the personal information held by me in respect of my compliance check. For confidentiality reasons, I do not have access to all your personal data held by HMRC which is why you received a separate response from our Personal Tax team. If there is still information you feel is missing from their response, please specify what that information is and I will forward your concerns to our Personal Tax Team to look into. If you are not happy with this decision, you may, as you mention, complain to the Information Commissioner who can be contacted at:[email protected], or Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF, or 0303 123 1113. Please note that I will shortly be continuing my compliance activity and reviewing what action is now required.
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