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  1. Thanks for comments dx and uncle. The address inserted on page 2 was not the address at the time of take out! Lowell gave no advice the CCA was a reconstituted version. Will put them on ignore until/unless they issue a letter of claim.
  2. Document_2021-09-23_173645 pages 1 - 2.pdf Document_2021-09-23_173645 pages 3.pdf Document_2021-09-23_173645 pages 4 - 5.pdf Document_2021-09-23_173645 pages 6 - 7.pdf Document_2021-09-23_173645 pages 8 - 9.pdf
  3. Had been paying Lowell for years at £5 per month, balance according to them is still approx. 15K. On 23 Jul 2021I wrote a CCA Request as per CAG's template. Their response is the attached letter and copy signature page, they also enclosed a 23 clause CC Agreement under CC Act 1974 and copy statements covering the period from 08/12/2006 to 10/12/2012. Should I respond or ignore unless and until they issue a Letter before Claim (or similar)? If respond, with what? Document_2021-09-23_164547.pdf
  4. In 2009/10 I took out a secured loan of 110K with BOS they took a second charge on my property (main residence). In 2013 I hit financial difficulties which I informed them about and eventually sold the property in 2017. Their behaviour throughout was extremely heavy handed and their solicitors were very aggressive, just one example - even though a sale was agreed and the conveyancing was proceeding smoothly and they were being kept fully informed that still took us to court to try to enforce the Possession Order they'd previously obtained, fortunately we were in front of a sympathetic bench that day and we held on until completion of the sale. Now that the scars of this horrendous period of constantly being under threat of eviction have started to heal I have looked back over the financial damage. BOS recharged over 30K of legal fees, they knew we had equity in the property and it seems were happy to trash that equity just to keep the pressure on us, their lawyer dealing with the matter said as much in one of the many calls (off the record). They charged interest throughout. We also incurred about 10k of legal fees ourselves in defending their draconian actions. I have written twice in the last few months to BOS head office but have been ignored. I tried the FOS on an unrelated mis-sold SIPP matter without success so am a little reluctant to go there again. It's too large for small claims and costs of a another form of court action could quickly escalate and don't want to 'throw good money after bad'. Would welcome your input on whether there is any chance or reclaiming any of the 30K? If so, how?
  5. Thanks for rapid response. OK I misinterpreted Cabot's statement in their letter that "The account remained managed by Moorcroft on our behalf." Planning to ignore unless they issue a letter of claim. The address was correct when taken out. Taken out 11 August 2009 according to Cabot. No signature box or date!
  6. Cabot wrote to me to claim that a Credit Card with Lloyds TSB has an outstanding balance, latest £1,654.75 and that they were assigned the debt on 24/06/14 (they sent a copy of an assignment letter from Lloyds). I did have the card and I have no record of clearing the balance and want to know what enforcement action Cabot can take, if any. Regrettably I had made peppercorn payments up to 06/01/20 via Moorcroft (who I now realise are associated with Cabot) I also now realise these payments made statute barring impossible until 2026 so I asked for a CCA, the attached is what I was sent. My name and then address is covered up on the first page. Look forward to your views. Thanks Lloyds TSB CCA (optimized).pdf
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