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  1. I called Sheilas Wheels at beginning of July to ask if some modifications that I was planning on car would effect policy premium - an updgraded lcd Bluetooth radio swapping out original radio and a retro fitted cruise control. I was told both of these were fine and no additional premium would be added and just to call back once fitted . I went ahead and got these fitted last week and called insurance yesterday to advise as requested. I was then told the cruise control was not an approved mod and they were going to cancel the policy, I’ve argued that I was told it was ok but apparently even if he said that, it’s not approved, they will still cancel, but no cancellation fee ! I have asked that they listen back to the call which apparently they will do today and someone will call me back today , waiting to see what they say . If they cancel do I need to declare this when taking out new insurance? Can they cancel the policy?
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