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  1. Hi All, we are a small London based courier company. we have a TFL autopay account which means that all of our vans are billed automatically each time they enter the congestion charging zone. a couple of months ago we were in the process of upgrading our fleet so that it was more eco friendly and this involved taking the private registration plates off our vehicles and transferring them on to the new vans. during this process they were all taken off the TFL auto pay account and then re-added with the new van details, during the process it looks like one of them was added on and didn't save and one of them was missed and wasn't added on at all. when I started receiving the fines from tfl for the 2 vans I immediately went on to our account and tried to add the first van which it told me that I couldn't add it again as it was already on there - this was obviously an issue their end but they are not accepting it at all even though I have sent them a screenshot proving that it was an issue with their site.. I have tried to also appeal the 2nd one as even though it wasn't added on - I have stated that we are no way trying to avoid paying the charge as it would make no sense to do so we have the account and pay alot each a month in cc payments for our fleet. we have congestion charge fines that add up to around £2000 that we simply cannot afford to pay due to the hardship the pandemic has left us in. i have had 2 rejection notices from TFL and then i appealed to a tribunal which has also been rejected. is there anything else I can do? we literally do not have the money to pay these fines
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