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  1. Yes we have just been on the phone to the consumer helpline of citizens advise and they have given the same advise and told us to send a tracked letter in regards of the subject access request due to the misrepresentation act 1967. And have also been advised to request the full recording of the phone call. Yes we were just presuming that only part of the phone call was recorded.
  2. Yes I have a copy of the recording and it is also very clear that the beginning of the phone call isn't present and the end. The conversation starts with a laugh that clearly shows there was conversation before the reading of the term.
  3. Recently my wife had decided to take her business to the next level and rent a space for a studio to enable her business to grow. She still does not have the keys to the property and the agreement is still with solicitors. On the 10/6/21 my wife was contacted by a broker who informed her that the landlord had let him know to set up the electrical supply to the property. (This is was a lie). So my wife explained that she didn't have the keys and was still waiting for paperwork on the property. She also confirmed with him that she wouldn't be commiting to anything at this moment in time and he said he would send through the paperwork first for her to check over to make sure she was happy. He also stated that the monthly price was going to be no more that 50 pounds a month. During this full conversation on the phone my toddler of 2 was been a terror and creating a scene in the background so my wife struggled to stay focused during the call. The broker then started to record the phone call conveniently after all of the above was discussed and started to read through the terms and conditions of a contract. At this point my toddler started to play up more and the broker continued to reel off all these conditions that my wife unfortunately due to the stressful situation that was happening with my daughter, agreed to all the way through. These included my wife agreeing that she had the keys and is held responsible for this property (she has even had the rental agreement through to sign so she currently might not even be going through with it) and my wife confirming an electric meter number. We have the transcript of the conversation but as I say it conveniently only has the contents of the terms and conditions part of the conversation. Of which it is extremely hard to follow because there is a screaming toddler through the whole thing. Aside from that it is also very hard to follow what the broker is asking and saying, as usual. So after the terms and conditions conversation that my wife didn't even really realise what was happening the recording stops qnd the broker then continues to re assure my wife that she hasn't signed upto anything yet and she will receive some paperwork to look over. The conversation ended and my wife thought nothing more of it and just expected to receive some paperwork. We heard nothing or received nothing until this past Sunday where my wife realised a some of £380 was taken from her business account from a company called Yorkshire Power and gas. She immediately rang the bank and informed them that this money shouldn't have been taken as my wife was under the impression that she hadn't signed upto anything. (To this day she still has not signed any paperwork to confirm that she is going ahead with the rental of this property). Following this my wife rang the supplier company yesterday to ask what all this was about and they told her she was in a three year contract with them and she could not leave or terminate the contract. There was no cool down period and if she wanted to terminate she would have to pay a fee which we still haven't received. After some research by myself last night reading on forums like this and trustpilot it has happened to so many people. The exact same thing, a small business moving into their first property and having an almost identical phone call from select energy and been drawn into a contract without realising. We received the transcription through email after the first conversation with this supplier company and the also the "contract" which was "verbally" agreed. My wife doesn't even rent this property and now she is sucked into this contract for three years to pay the electrical bills (which are extortionate) or is forced to pay q huge cancellation fee which will probably end with my wife having to fold her small company which she has worked so hard to build over the last 2 years. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anybody has been in this exact situation can you advise us on what to do and help will be more than appreciated.
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