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  1. Thanks dx100uk, hopefully you are right. I did go back to the store again and could not find what I returned, guess they have discovered the fraud. anyways, fingercrossed they wont try to track me down. I feel so silly now and realised I was so wrong.
  2. Hi all, I know I was stupid to do things like this, but just wanna know what will happen as I am now worried sick and feel so guilty everyday. I bought something from TKMaxx, then I returned something else I bought from other store by swapping the label. I did not get caught on the sence, no question asked and received the full refund. Then I read about threads that TKMaxx did track down similar refund frauds after the shopper left the store by cctv and payment details. Now I am not dare to shop or even visit that TKMaxx again and I am so scared that I will get caught in the end. Will I just get contact by police all of a sudden? or will I get lots of RLP letters in my mailbox? Would it be possible to “fix it” by going to the store again and actually buy the items I returned? (assume the staff did not realise the fraud and the items were on the shelf) I really don't know what to do now. I don't even know why I did this. I was in so much stressed as my partner is considering a divoice and we have very young child. (i probably need a threapist instead) anyways, thank you in advance. hopefully someone could share their experiences.
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