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  1. Car Finance for people with bad credit. All cars mot'd and taxed with service history, we pay first insurance, no deposit, you have nothing to pay! (fowlersfinance.com) We got the car on the 4th June and the wheel fell off on the 1st July. The RAC recovered it to lanterns car storage and Fowler’s are aware we want them to collect it. We paid via bank statement I think also they did the MOT themselves in a place in a place in Bolton I am unable to send photos to you on here My apologies if I’m vague my wife has been doing a lot of it and I don’t know the exact answer. Would you please email with her ?? ...... if not I will try my best for you . Thanks again for your patience and help. The link won’t open unfortunately Unit 1 & 2 Berry Hill Trading Estate, Victoria Rd, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2HE
  2. They are Fowler’s in Stoke on Trent and the finance company is go car credit. Also it’s a Zafira tourer I gave £500 deposit and £300 plus for months hire purchase, however it is full of problems with regards to transmission and clutch and needs a lot of work. It’s within the first 30 days and the RAC took it to lanterns car storage and they have had 3 weeks and still not collected it. I need to take my insurance off as I have another cheap car now. Any advice welcome thanks again for your patience
  3. i’m am writing today just try and summarise my past experiences with the zafira tourer . the car arrived at our home unchecked by the dealership as we were told to run our own checks on the vehicle. after we had accepted the car on face value we noticed it had been hit in to a curb and as a result a chunk of tyre was missing on the front drivers side and no one would admit to it being done. also the company refused to pay any more that half the value for its replacement. day two the engine warning light came on and it was apparent that the transmission needed servicing . however we were refused access to vauxhall dealership as they refused to pay such high prices to have the job done properly. we then took it to a local garage who told us that there was several codes that came up that would be very expensive as it’s a lot of work regarding the transmission and the clutch needed attention and several others jobs for work that needed to be carried out on the car. he’s best advice was to give it back. by this time we had only had the car a week or so. i’m unsure of the exact timings. after requesting a swap from the dealership we realised that they had no intention of swapping the car over as it had gone on and on and the relevant employees were never available. it was at this point we realised that no one would be prepared to take responsibility for our situation. we felt we were being both ignored and avoided. with in days after asking for the car to be returned the back tyres didn’t hold pressure for more than a few hours and needed attention.i took the car to national tyers who informed me it was the valve and needed replacement. also at that point they seemed shocked that the car had no locking wheel nuts. after getting the tyres pressure settled we both discussed the idea of keeping a vehicle rather than swapping it out on the condition that all the work would be carried out. however the constant cutting corners from the dealership to try and get things done on the cheap rather than have a garage invoice them meant that we were now at the mercy of fowlers dealership to collect the car and get the work done near them. reluctantly we await a booking for collecting our car and after three weeks we really began to believe that things would never be done. on the advice of go car credit we went to drive it to a garage to get a list of work that needs doing and proof and cost to be able to send back. on the way the car developed a noise which felt like it was coming from under my feet. after stopping the car to try and figure out what it was i assumed it must be the transmission after all we were waiting on the work to be done. i was sadly mistaken about this amateur analysis, as the passenger side wheel came off whilst in traffic i was only able to find two bolts which have been split in half. the rac have told me that the wrong bolts had been over drilled in to the alloys with may have caused the fracture. on checking the other bolts they noticed that excessively tightened lug nuts had stripped the threads, possibly distort brake rotors, damage the wheel, and possibly shear off the lug stud. insufficiently tightened lug nuts subsequently became loose we are just lucky that the circumstances weren’t catastrophic i have not driven the car since and i do not want the work carried out on it or wish to have it swapped with another death trap from this dealership. we want to come out of this financial agreement asap with the return of any money that we have had to spend out. any advice welcome kind regards
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