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  1. A bit different - I have a horse lorry and the step into the living quarters was damaged by myself, a local guy who operates as a service and repair man for vehicles including horse lorrys came to have a look, he messaged me to say that he was taking my step to repair it and then re fit it , he constantly ignored my requests for updates and phone calls and eventually said that the step was at his parents as he had moved , days later he said he couldnt find the step, I have asked him for money to buy a replacement step which is £260 - this is without the fitting etc, the step he took was sprayed to match the outside of my lorry which is a gold colour so really I suppose I should claim for fitting etc. He took the step in Feb 2020 and I have been chasing him for a while, he did a service on my lorry at the time and said that he would take the step and fix it and fit it at the same time as doing a gear box service on it which he needed to do at his premises I chased and chased and never got any response from him. Just to add, when I first broke the step on the lorry he came out to fix it but approx 1 year later whilst I was driving the lorry the step fell in on itself and ended up under the lorry whilst I was driving, damaging a wheel and bursting the tyre, on closer inspection he had only cable tied the frame that the lorry step sat in so I would imagine that his faulty repair led to the step breaking again and further damage to my lorry. What sort of action can I take out on this guy please ?
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