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  1. Thanks.. this is the only solution I think .. I will contact my union rep and discuss the matter as it is clearly discrimination .. I just don't want to create a rod for my own back as you know HR takes complaints personally! .....
  2. Thanks for the response. My issue is the fact that I sat a Level 2 Functional skills (in my own time) provided by my employer... now that same employer is saying that they do not accept any GCSE equivalent and you have to have a GCSE. The whole point of a GCSE Equivalent is that is its a equivalent.. So why should I have to pay even more money to get my results.. (Which is a CSE Grade 1 so that is also a GCSE Equivalent)
  3. I did contact my school a few years ago.. They had no records of my results.. and told me to contact the examination board to get copies. Of course I did this but cant get anything before 2001 .. As I mentioned this was the reason for sitting the FS Level 2 as it is a GCSE 4 equivalent ..as it was the quickest and cheapest (it was free) way of getting a GCSE Equivalent . I have a GCE Grade A in maths so all this is really frustrating!
  4. Yeah they cant help as my results are before 2001. Cheers DG
  5. To be honest I think they just blanked me once I mentioned Functional Skills. I just got a response that my application had been withdrawn and that is the end of the matter. I am enquiring via other means (colleague in my current role knows the recruiter ) But it just seems really unfair. I can sit another GCSE but thats going to cost me £280 and about 6 months of my time, I was informed that the FS Level2 (which I did in my own time as well) was a GCSE 4.. Regards DG
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply. I cant get a copy of my old Certificates as the exam was taken before 2001.. I have tried this but Hit a brick wall a few years ago as they told me that they do not keeps records of results before 2001. Regards DG
  7. I no longer have some of my GCE/CSE certificates as I am a bit older and have misplaced some of my certificates many years ago (Sat my exams in 1986) I cannot get a new copy of the certificates as it was too long ago. My current employer has some career opportunities/positions I would like to go for. Most require GCSE 4 in Maths And English (I still have my GCE English certificate) I was informed by senior staff that I could sit the Level 2 Functional Skills (FS) Maths and it is the same as a GCSE 4 - I checked this on UCAS website and it does confirm that Level 2 FS is a GCSE 4 equivalent . My recruitment department bounced back my application and have informed me that they don't accept Level 2 Functional Skills and my application has been withdrawn. I'm a bit miffed as I sat the FS via my employer anyway as it was a requirement for an Apprenticeship I completed, low and behold you need a level 2 or GCSE 4 in Maths and English to progress above a certain pay grade in my current department. Any thoughts/suggestions as to what I can do as surely this is a form of discrimination ?
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