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  1. Hello all, This is my first post in this forum - I come here seeking some well informed advice for a monumental co*k-up on my behalf. I boarded a train on Monday having paid for a ticket with what I thought was a valid railcard. Blissfully unaware of the fact it had expired, I happily showed the conductor my e-ticket and in-app railcard upon his request. I was genuinely taken aback when he told me my railcard had expired and that I'd be required to pay the difference of £91 on the spot. I fully understand that ignorance does not equate to innocence, but I had not looked at my railcard app in well over a year, nor had I been asked to show it by any conductor who checked my ticket during that time. Now, this is where the hole digging begins. Having had the figure of £91 thrown at me by the inspector (the ticket only cost £36.30 without a railcard), I did the classic, foolish thing of panicking, telling him I couldn't pay up-front, and then proceeding to give him a false name, address, DOB and phone number. To rub salt into my already gaping wounds, he then proceeded to look at my railcard again (I didn't think he'd do this - not sure why) where he saw my real name (face-in-palm)! Having immediately realised the error of my ways, I asked if I could just pay the £91 and be done with it, after which the conductor, quite rightly, told me that I'd missed that opportunity. He also told me that the railway company will now investigate every train journey I've made since my railcard expired. I am an idiot. I do not deserve any sympathy here. At all. I am willing to accept any consequences that come my way. However, I would really appreciate some advice on how best I now navigate this stressful, anxiety-inducing situation. While I don't wish to wriggle my way out of any punishment, I would naturally like to know if there are any approaches I can take to provide some kind of damage limitation. I am aware of the severity of what I have done by providing false details - it was a huge error of judgement on my behalf and something I will obviously never do again. Part of me is tempted to write an email to the prosecutions team at the railway company giving them my proper address so at least I know I'll be receiving any post that is inevitably coming my way. Another part of me is tempted to just write to them coming clean about the whole thing, owning up to my idiocy and beginning some kind of dialogue in order to resolve this. Or do I wait for the letter after they inevitably find my actual address and just deal with what comes my way then? Needless to say going to court wouldn't be ideal, and I certainly don't want a criminal record (I know, I should have thought about this when I provided incorrect details). I am willing to pay whatever it takes to avoid these two things, so would there be an opportunity to settle this out of court once I've received said post? I'm also worried about this investigation into my historic railway travel. Is this something they actually do? I have not come here to be scolded - I've been doing that to myself for the past couple of days and anyone who tells me how stupid I've been will only be confirming what I already know. However, any help with the appropriate next steps on how I best resolve this with some kind of damage limitation would be HUGELY appreciated. There probably isn't a black and white answer, but it'd be wonderful to hear from people who have either made the same mistake of who know legal ins and outs of this sort of thing. Thank you in advance, From an apologetic moron.
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