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  1. dx100uk done and many thanks for your advice. As you state, I shall await any further communication from the bank. I have asked a former colleague to source an actual address having not been able to find one ANYWHERE online for First Abu Dhabi (FAB) Bank. Once I have one that is how I shall communicate going forward. Brgds
  2. dx100uk many thanks. I am trying to get an actual address that I can send a letter, informing them of my address in the UK but they will not reply; currently I only have an email contact whom I have informed that I will NOT communicate via a DCA. I have asked them to send me the loan agreement and current statement of my account. No reply. Should I send them my mailing address via email? This is my parents house where I am staying due to my current circumstances. Do you have any advice reference the physical address issue? Brgds
  3. Hi, looking for advice and answers if possible. Situation: I took out a personal loan with a UAE bank but was unfortunately made redundant. I left the UAE during my 3 month notice period due to the fact people tend to be arrested/ imprisoned/ or prevented from leaving the country if they are unable to pay off all debt immediately. I left what money I could in my account so as to be able to service the debt whilst I searched for employment. I have now been informed that the sum I left has been immediately put against the debt and they require payments to start immediately to cover the remainder of the loan. In the email I received I note that Tahseel was also included. I further noted that I have been locked out of my account and therefore have no visibility of what I owe etc. On trying to log in via the Bank App a message in Arabic appeared from AD Police; not a good sign but supports my decision to leave the country. The email I have received from Tahseel states ”Dear XXXXXX, As per the banks update , your End of Service amount has already been adjusted towards the outstanding balance and it won’t be considered as monthly installments. As your file is in final legal stage, you need to pay an amount of AED 4000 for now to hold further legal proceedings from the bank. Once this payment reflects in your account, we can initiate the request to provide you an extension for further payments subject to approval from the bank. I am a UK national with no assets in the UK though I do receive a UK military pension. I am currently living with my parents and have deleted LinkedIn etc. I intend to repay the debt (£135k) but can’t at the rate agreed as even if I get a job it will be SIGNIFICANTLY less than my UAE salary. My questions are: should I send the 4,000 AED? what action do you suggest I take? My initial thoughts are the 4000 AED is to cover costs for Tahseel rather than make any payment to the bank. Many thanks for any advice
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