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  1. Hi there, just checking how you got on with your compliance call? As I recently got a letter that they are looking at my childcare costs through April 20 - 21 and like yourself I didn’t amend anything and childcare has varied! what happened in the end? I’m in sheer panic here. many thanks
  2. Thank you for the welcome! We’re are these other threads? many thanx
  3. Hi there, I am new to all this but i am in total panic! Yesterday i received a letter from HMRC -asking if i would be available for an interview telephone call to dicuss payments between April 2020 - March 2021 Of course the first thing i do is go over all my payments and letters - it was such a mess of a year - my kids where in and out of school so i didn't really think to update anything! Basically when I renewed in May/June 2020 i put in £165 and it should of been the average which was £142 (My Mistake) - Now i am ready to drop! I didn't even look at it. What is going to happen here? I am so scared. Also both myself & the childminder agreed on a "retainer fee" to keep my space (So we agreed i would give here what HMRC give me). So this was done from April 2020 - JULY 2020 - then it was all back to full time work from then on. Has anyone else had these interviews and what was the outcome? I don't mind paying back what a stupidly owe but Im so scared they will think it was fraud on my behalf. Please can someone advise or help me, the interview is on 16th and i don't know if i can handle all this until then. Thanks so much in advance!
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